How to Lead Innovative Organizations with Data and Analytics

Lead Innovative OrganizationsHow prepared are you to lead your organization to capitalize on the analytics age?

Heather Cole, a thought leader and expert in Business Analytics spoke at the January 2015 meeting of Financial Executives International Tampa Bay Chapter also known as FEI.  She gave an engaging and illuminating presentation to attendees on “How to Lead Innovative Organizations with Data and Analytics”.

The age of analytics is here and Heather Cole from Lodestar Solutions is here to help guide you to be successful.  Digital Disruption is creating new industries faster than ever.  Companies that learn to embrace and leverage the vast amounts of data being collected daily can change the course of their industries.  Only 26% of large companies surveyed believe their teams have the skills needed.  Only 27% thought their companies will put the right resources (people, budget and time) to leveraging data for innovation.
Digital Disruption: Unleashing the Next Wave of Innovation by James McQuivey

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