Life After IBM To Life At Lodestar


​It's been a couple of months since I've been on the other side of IBM. What a  change it has been though! However, I didn't stray too far from Big Blue though. I joined Lodestar Solutions, a boutique, premier IBM analytics partner. Lodestar has been an amazing experience thus far and only continues to excite me each and every day I work here. From starting on day one and to this very day, the growth potential has proven to be huge.

After finding myself pondering what life after IBM has been like, I found myself thinking the other day - "Why has it been so great to work for Lodestar?" I realized it was the resources we have here at our firm that make us so unique. When I say resources - I am referring to the people that make up who Lodestar Solutions is today. As one knows, resources are everything. They either make or break your deal at the end of the day. I can confidently say; the resources here are making this company thrive year over year! 

When I joined Lodestar, I asked the CEO if the resources were dynamic enough to grow the business tenfold year over year. She explained to me that I wouldn't be short of what I needed to succeed here. Wow - was she right! I have never worked for a firm with so many dynamic, intelligent people. The entire team is made up of former clients that understand and know what it takes to solve a business challenge with technology. They have been in our clients shoes and know exactly how to relate. Being able to relate was big for me when considering working for a smaller boutique firm. My goal in my everyday business is to help my clients do their jobs more efficiently and effectively. That is what we are doing here at Lodestar Solutions. ​My peers demonstrate a desire to educate and empower the client through the duration of a project, instead of just billing them and moving on; they take a vested interest in the client's business. The fact that I can see how my peers care so much about the success of our clients makes life after IBM and life at Lodestar that much sweeter. 

​I have gotten a chance to see how our clients react to our business model. Lodestar has built a large base of clients over the years because of the human capital it's comprised of. Developing rapport and becoming a trusted advisor is important in our line of work. We achieve that through our boutique approach. Once a client has procured software we get them up and running and help them to become self-sufficient with their software solution. This approach ensures the client understands their investment inside and out; which in turn keeps them coming back to us for any future business challenges that need to be solved. Clients are looking to solve business challenges with technology and that is exactly what we help them do. Our tailored approach and attention to detail has built our foundation for lasting relationships.

IBM laid the foundation for my career here at Lodestar, and for that, I am ever grateful. Whether you are an IBMer or a potential client, I invite you to reach out to me so that we can partner together now or in the future. Nothing excites me more than empowering business professionals with technology and enabling them to take their companies to the next level with analytics. Life after IBM is treating me well and I am excited to see where this new journey takes me! 

-Zach Spoor,

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