Lodestar IBM Cognos User Group Review – Feb 2021

Lodestar Solutions User Group
February 26th, 2021

On February 16, 2021, Lodestar Solutions hosted our 2nd virtual IBM Cognos User Group.  Our IBM Cognos User Group is unique and has been extremely well received by our clients.  We host sessions in the morning related to Planning Analytics, Cognos Analytics in the afternoon with technical or other value-added software in between.  We set our clients up in our Kajabi library that holds all the videos and information for each user group.  The truly great part of this user group is after each video, we meet live with our clients in zoom for Q&A and then we go into breakout rooms to network with each other.  This is the true power of our IBM Cognos User Group.

Latest Agenda!

PA Section

  • PAfE Tips and Tricks with Demo with Q&A
  • PA Breakout groups
  • Deep Dive on ILMT / PVU’s with Q&A
  • PA Breakout groups
  • Break
  • Motio Soterre Demo and Discussion, Q&A
  • CA Section

  • Data Sets vs Data Modules – plus data sets demo, wtih Q&A
  • CA Breakout Groups
  • Motio PI Free / Motio PI Pro – Breakdown and demo with Q&A
  • Break
  • Client Discussion of Cognos Administration and Motio
  • Q&A
  • Breakout Groups
  • Highlights of Q&A and Breakout Groups

    In the Q&A and breakout groups we discussed each of the topics in more detail.  The day started with a breakout on PAfE and Perspectives, discussing the differences and how to convert from PAfE to Perspectives.  We then had a discussion on ILMT and the importance of ensuring it is set up correctly and reporting in case IBM sends that “love letter”.  Our last session was based on Soterre and how that applies to each Planning Analytics system.  If you have not seen Motio Soterre and you are a customer of Lodestar, contact us to get set up in our Lodestar Customer Library and watch the power of Soterre.  You can learn more about Soterre in this blog

    In the IBM Cognos User Group afternoon session on Cognos Analytics, we started the session with a dive into data modules and data sets.  We had good discussion on uses, limits and some problem solving on certain situations.  In our next session we did a dive into Motio PI and Motio PI Pro.  If you are a CA Administrator and you haven’t looked at Motio PI, you should stop what you are doing now and watch the video in our Lodestar Customer Library.  Again, if you are a customer of Lodestar but have not received access to this library, please contact us.

    We finished the IBM Cognos User Group with a general Q&A and talked about several different things related to PA and CA.  We even did an on-the-fly Cognos Analytics security demo based on a question from one of our clients.  Speaking of security, stay tuned to the customer library and the next user group for a lot more on both CA and PA security.

    Next User Group

    Our next IBM Cognos User Group is scheduled for May 18, 2021.  We have not finalized the agenda, yet, but I can tell you that security will be a topic.  If you have other things you want to see, please contact us services@lodestarsolutions.com with your ideas.

    Planning Analytics and Motio Soterre Event

    Are you looking for a better way to plan, budget or forecast your business?

    During this webinar we will show you the amazing power in IBM Planning Analytics/TM1.  We will discuss how leveraging virtual dimensions and dashboards within TM1 is a game changer for clients. And we will demonstrate how maintenance of models can be simplified for power users with a powerful 3rd party tool by Motio called Soterre.

    This event is for individuals not familiar with Planning Analytics as well as seasoned TM1 professionals that want to see what's new and how to better maintain their system.

    Join us March 16 at 2pm est!

    To join this webinar, click here!


    We have a lot going on at Lodestar Solutions.  We are striving everyday to add more value to our clients through user groups, client only library’s, partner software demos and so much more.  If you have any questions or need us, we are here.  Contact us at services@lodestarsolutions.com

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