Lodestar Solutions Team Shows Up During COVID-19

May 21st, 2020 ​

Our world will never be the same.  During crisis and times of uncertainty, we all have a choice!  The choice is how we each show up in the world!  As the CEO, I am proud that Lodestar Solutions’ team shows up during COVID-19. 

Showing up and giving back does not require a huge effort or a lot of money.  It just means you choose to help uplift people.  You choose to think of others and ask yourself, how can I help?  I have learned that giving and helping is one of the most rewarding feelings.  The trick is to expect absolutely nothing in return.  Do not look for recognition. Do not get upset if the people you help don’t even say thank you, because they could be in such a bad place, they are just in survival mode.

Here is how the Lodestar Solutions team has showed up.  I am sharing this because I believe they deserve recognition and I hope that this will inspire you to examine how you show up today!  Every day is a choice! 

Cheering on the UPS Drivers - 


If you are a Lodestar client you have probably worked with Christina, our support renewal specialist.  What you might not know is that her husband is one of thousands of dedicated delivery personnel risking their health and the safety of their families to deliver your online orders. Her husband works at a UPS facility in Michigan where they lost a team member due to complications with COVID-19.  Imagine the fear and grief they must feel every morning knowing they lost a co-worker.  Well, Christina has one of the biggest hearts I know, and she helped organize an event to honor the UPS drivers and raise their spirits.  She arranged for lunch to be delivered but did not stop there.  Christina, Mike Bernaiche, another Lodestar team member, and several of their friends and family lined up in cars, social distancing of course, just outside of the UPS facility with signs cheering on the drivers as they started their routes.  I am sure the drivers and UPS team was uplifted by this experience, but what I loved to see, is how their generosity uplifted Christina and Mike.  Christina was almost giddy with excitement.  Which during these trying times, is fabulous to witness. 

Ready for Life Food Drive

If you have been following Lodestar for a while you also know that I am involved with a charity called Ready for Life in Pinellas County Florida that helps youth that age out of foster care.  The youth in this demographic have a tough time normally but with the pandemic they are especially at risk and many have lost their jobs.  After receiving a text asking for help, we immediately sent funds to cover a week of groceries for the youth and their families.  If you would like to contribute to this amazing organization, please check out their website, Ready for Life Pinellas.

Extra Mile at Work

Giving and showing up can also be done at work. Lodestar Solutions realized that this crisis was going to hit industries like hospitality and travel much greater than other industries.  For clients that had upcoming IBM Cognos renewals in high risk industries, we jumped into action. Lodestar recognized the fact that cash preservation was going to be a top priority, so we worked with IBM Global Financing to get financing for client’s renewals.  Many clients do not realize that IBM Global financing is available for renewals and can often save clients money. See our previous blog on this topic.  

If you have a renewal and would like Lodestar to provide a competitive quote, please email Renewals@lodetsarsolutions.com.

The Wedding

The Wedding

I would be remised if I did not take this opportunity to thank Mike Bernaiche, whom many of you have worked with at Lodestar for stepping up in a way that I will never forget! On May 8, 2020 my boyfriend and I got married in a virtual zoom wedding.  With the help of Mike and our close friends Chris Orlando, our virtual MC and Connie Klingler, who married us, we broadcasted our wedding all over the world to friends and family.  We had over 100 people join our amazing day from 4 continents and 10 time zones.  Mike was our zoom master!  He ensured people were muted during the ceremony and unmuted for the world-wide toast.  But most of all, their efforts gave our moms who were in London and Chicago a front row seat. What I did not realize when we planned the wedding just weeks before, was what a positive uplifting impact it would have on everyone.  People dressed up in silly hats, they gathered their families and had zoom pre parties.  Without even asking, our neighbors all contributed to make the day amazing!   I think during this time we all just need a little joy. Or maybe it’s hope.

Showing Up for Others!

I am so proud of how the Lodestar Solutions’ Team shows up during COVID-19. But it does not surprise me. But I must ask you, is there something you could do to bring a little more joy to someone else’s life?  Maybe sending a card, calling someone you lost touch with, or maybe your company could extend terms to a client in need. It does not take much. Today, do one thing to bring a smile to someone else. Seek nothing in return and watch the magic happen.  Good deeds are contagious!  Let’s infect the world!

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