IBM Cognos Statistics – Integrate Statistics into Financial and Business Analysis

Check out IBM Cognos Statistics.  Statistics enables financial and business analysts to gain and share richer insights through statistical reporting and analysis that can be distributed to all users.

IBM Cognos Statistics Engine incorporates statistical results with core business reporting. This reduces the time it takes to analyze data and prepare business presentations based on that analysis. Cognos Statistics software also helps ensure that the statistical evidence that backs key business decisions is accurate. It also allows it to be delivered easily to broader business communities in dashboards and reports.  The wizard format is easy to use including the drag and drop which will allow your organization to:

  • Quickly gain insight and confidence with critical statistical evidence that is readily available to all front-line decisions makers.
  • Drive customer profitability by identifying key customer demographics.
  • Use statistical process control to help improve quality and reduce costs.
  • Improve processes by determining when data is falling outside specific guidelines or fault levels.
  • Support hypotheses and maximize return on investment by testing and analyzing your data.

The IBM Cognos Statistics is licensed only by PVU/processor.  The license enables licensed users of Cognos 10 Report Studio to include statistical capabilities such as Regression, Correlation, Box Plots, and Statistical Process Control into Reports.

For more information on IBM Cognos Statistics, contact Heather Cole 813-415-2910.

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