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Business Intelligence Suf we 9kmfkl l;;ccess Program: Built For Executives

Business Intelligence Success Program: Built For Executives is a customized program to deliver the data you need to achieve your strategic goals. Our unique program is a combination of Executive Business Intelligence Coaching, workshops for your business intelligence professionals based on our Destination Dashboard framework, and scheduled follow-up to ensure delivery. This program empowers your resources for long term business intelligence success, reducing reliance on consultants.

Sample of What's Included:

    • ​Executive Business Intelligence Leadership Coaching
    • Executive strategy review sessions
    • Identification of the most important data point you need visibility to
    • Multi-day workshop to train your team on a repeatable framework for requirements discovery, engaging end users, and dashboard design
    • Customized plan to deliver an executive dashboard
    • Follow up sessions for accountability


  • Learn the skills to become an analytics leader guiding your organization to success 5653 5433 
  • Tie your strategic goals to measurable performance indicators
  • Your team will be trained on our repeatable framework for defining and delivering effective dashboards and reporting
  • A definition of an executive dashboard to deliver actionable insights to your primary business concerns
  • A customized plan for the delivery of an executive dashboard built by your team
  • Periodic checkpoints to ensure delivery
  • Reduce your future reliance on expensive consultants
  • Leverage your current BI investment, regardless of the solution

I am Heather! 

I’m not your typical executive coach/advisor. I provide a unique perspective of the many moving parts, identifying pitfalls and opportunities that can be hidden jewels of knowledge to your organization! In addition, you will learn the reasons Business Intelligence projects fail, and how you can succeed!

Once you understand the risks of not acting, coupled with accountability, you are primed to take your business and your life to the next level. In addition to being a certified high-performance coach, I have over 25 years leading teams in Finance, IT, Business Analytics, and Law with extensive learning in psychology, marketing, performance, neuroscience, and leadership.  236565 654161616

When you are truly serious about getting to the next level, contact me to schedule your no-risk initial assessment and we can discuss the best option for your organization. 

What is the cost of doing BI the way you've been doing it?  

When is now a good time for something different? 

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