Replacing Microsoft FRx

Microsoft has announced that they will no longer be supporting its FRx 6.7 product in 2012. They are replacing FRx with Management Reporter. Microsoft’s official FRx replacement is Management Reporter, and although it’s a promising technology and is definitely next generation. It only reports on GL data at the moment as well as lacking some key FRx features, and most importantly, it’s not available for Microsoft competitors. Microsoft FRx was much more “feature” rich and functional than Management Reporter, making it preferred for the accounting staff and distribution of financial reports.

Product ReleasedGeneral Availability DateMainstream Support End DateExtendeded Support Date
FRx 6.7 Desktop5/30/20047/14/20097/8/2014
FRx Financial Reporter 6.57/30/200210/9/200710/9/2012
  • Microsoft Management Reporter is in its first release. Typically products in their first release are very unstable. Microsoft as stated that this is a first release product and some functionality has been left out.
  • Microsoft Management Reporter is only available for Microsoft Dynamics. By limiting the available platforms it limits a corporations flexibility for future growth.
  • Built on the latest 64 bit in-memory technology
  • Easy to use Excel based interface allows for fast and easy adoption by end users
  • Microsoft Management Reporter does not currently have an option to view and interact with your data while you are on the go.
  • IBM Cognos 10 is a feature rich proven technology platform that is in its 10th release, and has 100’s of customers already using the software.
  • IBM Cognos Express is built on a open platform that will allow you options as your company grows and your needs expand.
  • IBM Cognos Express utilizes TM1, a 64 bit analytics engine that is both easy to use with its excel interface and very robust.
  • IBM Cognos Express utilizes Microsoft Excel to allow for fast and easy adoption by end users.
  • With IBM Cognos Express users can access their information on the go either on their Blackberry device or their Apple IPhone or IPad. This allows users greater flexibility and mobility.

IBM Cognos® Express is the first and only integrated business intelligence (BI) and planning solution purpose-built to meet the needs of midsize companies. It delivers the essential reporting, analysis, dashboard, scorecard, planning, budgeting and forecasting capabilities that midsize companies need at a price they can afford. Everything is included in a pre-configured solution that is easy to install, easy to use and easy to buy.

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