Minimal IT for TM1 Implementation

We are constantly being asked by finance and other areas of the business if they do a TM1 implementation without IT involvement and the answer is NO! However, with proper planning you can have Minimal IT for TM1.

The key is to use IT strategically. They are very valuable to your project as they often have insight to your data structures, sources and potential data integrity challenges. When IT is actively involved in the project and partnering with the business, success is rapidly accomplished.

The challenge is that every IT department is stretch very thin. With proper planning and communication, the business can own and implement TM1 while leveraging IT strategically.

Here’s how to do it:
1. Get the right IT person assigned to the project. They should have familiarity with your source data systems.
2. Communicate to them that you respect their time and ask that they be available during the agreed upon times, and the
ramification to the project if they no-show.
3. Create the schedule for their time and stick to it.
4. Create a process to communicate when you need additional, unforeseen assistance from them to ensure a timely response.
5. Remember, if you have data integrity issues in your source system you may need more of their assistance.

Here is a sample schedule we have used for IT resources:

IT Resource Requirement:
1. Design week                         4 hours (week 2)
Discussion and access to data source
2. Server Acquisition             4 hours (pre project)
3. Cognos Pre-Install           3 hours (pre project)
4. Cognos Install                   3 hours* (week 1 or 2)
*Assumes Lodestar Solutions runs installation
5. Data Validation               16 hours (week 8-9)
6. Cushion                              10 hours (TBD)
Total                                        40 hours
7. Ongoing Support – Maintain server hardware, backups, patches and fixes. Minimal time.

Any additional time they are willing to participate is always welcome.

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