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Are you asking yourself if it is  possible to build a model directly in IBM Planning Analytics Workspace? There is a great effort by IBM to centralize model development and reporting in one space. As you may know,  IBM Planning Analytics comes with different tools such as Architect and Performance Modeler(PM) that allow you to build models. You also may know that at times new customers have experienced confusion as to which tools to use to build and manage models. Traditionally, we have recommended Architect to build and manage and PM to build and manage the planning application front end. This has worked in the past, specially when the clients get acclimated to the different tools that are available.  

Age of Cloud and SAAS

However, we are in the age of cloud and SAAS applications that allow the modeler to build and manage planning applications in one centralized tool on the web. This is a very attractive option for customers for the obvious reasons and we are not going to discuss the benefits of a cloud-based planning system since we are all aware of them. So, to get to this centralized planning application space, IBM introduced PA cloud a few years ago which has been a great success. Now, IBM is bringing all the modelling capabilities in Planning Analytics Workspace. This will eliminate the need for multiple clients and tool sets to build and manage models.  Read below for the capabilities of today and the hope for the future.

IBM Planning Analytics Workspace
IBM Planning Analytics Workspace Today

If you didn't know IBM Planning Analytics workspace allows you to create dashboards and reports in one central area.  What you may not know is the ability to build a model directly in IBM Planning Analytics Workspace.  For more info on why you should own workspace today see 7 Reasons Why You Should Purchase Workspace (PAw)  Also, check out this link from IBM IBM Knowledge Center on PAW

Build dimensions and Cubes
  • Using a TI process, you can create dimensions and cubes using all the available data sources that are available in Architect. One of the data sources is text file and you can drag and drop files right in a PAW tile and you are allowed to map all the columns.
  • Dimensions and cube build through TI is still a bit complex for new users and it requires training and practice to build them. If IBM adds a guided  / GUI based dimension and cube builder with the power of free from scripting that would be extremely powerful. This would go a long way to helping new users that are not well versed in TI coding to start modelling quicker and have environments up and running a lot faster.
Rule writing
  • PAW has the rule editor built in and it has some of the features that the Advanced rule editor used to have and some additional features that are very helpful. You have autocomplete to fill your area definition and the ability to insert functions as you are writing the formulas. It great to see that rule writing has been considerably improved from the limited capabilities that were available in Architect
Workspace Tomorrow?

Now let’s talk about the items that we would like IBM to add to PAW.  Let's hope that these will part of future releases.

  • Workflow Workflow Workflow and we are talking about real workflow. The functionality in applications (contributor) are good and they provide the ability to create planning input front ends but what has been always lacking is the visibility into the actual flow of the planning process. Some IBM competitors have created this capability into their applications and it provides visibility and transparency for everyone to see. If IBM could create the visual workflow snapshot that we have discussed and integrate that with the Chat capability it would eliminate the need for emails and other forms of communication outside PAW. Plus, it would be a record that would be maintained in one place
  • Another thing that would be nice in PAW would be some help related videos and or visuals that assist a new user in navigating workspace. There are many videos available out side PAW but nothing that is in workspace itself.
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