MotioPI, QubeDocs, Esri Maps – Great Tools for Cognos


MotioPI, QubeDocs, Esri Maps - Great Cognos ToolsAs a Business Analytics Coach, I’m often asked about security and version control. As most Cognos BI admins know, security and version control is not an easy task to complete. Enter these Tools for Cognos.  There is a great tool available called MotioPI. Our friends at Motio developed a powerful FREE tool to help the Cognos BI admin perform these tasks in a quick and easy manner. This tool will perform the following tasks:

  • Querying for all Cognos content based on search criteria.
  • Document all users’ security settings.
  • Validate reports after changes have been made to the model.
  • Recover lost or deleted Framework Manager Models.
  • Document schedule recipients.

Did I mention all of this is available at NO COST to you?

With the pro paid version, you can do so much more! Just a few of the highlighted areas you get with the MotioPI Pro are bulk changes to Cognos BI content & configuration, many different time savers for Cognos BI administrators, as well as automatically updating of Cognos objects. If you ask me, MotioPI is a tool that every Cognos system should have! MotioPI MotioPI Pro

Do you struggle with documenting your Cognos TM1 system? Do you often make changes to your models and need an efficient way to document those changes? QubeDocs by Motio, is a model management tool for Cognos TM1. It can show you how your models will be affected by change and then document those changes. There are many benefits to using this tool. They include decreasing the cost of maintaining TM1 documentation & models, ensure compliance with regulation requirements, and organizing your TM1 data. Check out QubeDocs at the follow link. QubeDocs

As a Cognos report writer, have you been asked to provide enhanced maps to further outline your strategy with the business? Have you been asked to provide visualization in target markets to enhance your sales footprint? With Esri Maps for IBM Cognos, you can elevate your BI footprint with location based analytics. More and more companies are using location based analytics and Esri Maps can help take your Cognos BI system to the next level. Esri Maps

Total that all up and we have provided you with 3 very valuable products that will enable you to take your Cognos systems to the next level. For this I only ask that you take two minutes and opt in to our community to receive updates and valuable FREE information. It is simple to do – go to the right side of our homepage ( ) and simply enter your name and email address. You will receive a conformation email and all you have to do is click the link. Done – that easy!

Written/Published – MB 9/16/15

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