Moving to Cognos TM1 from Transformer/Powerplay: Pros and Cons


As a Business Analytics Coach and resident Transformer/Powerplay expert, I’m often asked about the advantages or disadvantages to moving from Transformer/Powerplay to Cognos TM1. Moving to Cognos TM1 from Transformer/Powerplay has it advantages and disadvantages.  Below is a chart that breaks down the key areas and provides explanation as to the advantage or disadvantage in the products.

Cognos TM1 versus Transformer/Powerplay

Cognos TM1 from Transformer/Powerplay

As you can see Cognos TM1 has the advantage in almost every area and is the clear choice over Transformer and Powerplay. Now I know what you are thinking, the price of Cognos TM1 is high compared to what I pay now. FALSE! With Cognos Express, you get TM1 and BI for a fraction of the enterprise version cost.  The only limitation would be the number of users allowed in Cognos Express. All of the power of Cognos TM1 and BI together is a clear choice in my mind!

The next blog in this series will be about calculating your return on investment with Cognos TM1 compared to Transformer and Powerplay. Feel free to check out our video about Cognos TM1 HERE or visit this IBM LINK for more information. If, however, you have more specific questions on Transformer and Powerplay versus Cognos TM1, please emails us at

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