New Projects or Remodeling an existing system, it’s time to discover success even if you have struggled in the past

Lodestar is your one stop shop for all your IBM Cognos Analytics service needs. New Projects, we have you covered. Failed projects with another consulting group, no problem. Let us walk through your model and determine how to adjust what has been built to turn that project into a success. The best part - we teach you along the way making you self-sufficient!

  • 1
    Define Success
  • 2
    Requirements Discovery
  • 3
    Identify Hurdles
  • 4
    Create the Plan / Agile
  • 5

Learn to deliver Faster, Business Analytics Results!


Chris Otterson Director Business Ops & Continuous Improvement

"Keep on doing what you’re doing.

Just wanted to thank you for the workshop! The information was very helpful and thought provoking. I say thought provoking because that is probably my main take-away from the workshop.

However, the big “win” is seeing all of these things again (refreshes my memory and reaffirms my belief in these techniques) and the thoughts that it provokes. I am now well-armed and enthused to apply this (or very similar – adapted to our environment) framework here, thus assuring more success in the implementation and buy-in of our reporting and analytics improvement efforts. I had a flood of ideas and follow-on actions that I took away from the workshop…so that we can truly apply these best practices and realize the value of these sorts of project/efforts.

Sharon Grubenhoff Senior Vice President of Financial Reporting, Primerica, Inc

Lodestar’s training resulted in significant advances in user knowledge and improved functionality of our applications.

Lodestar provided training tailored specifically to the needs of our company. They assisted us in making problematic processes work efficiently and gave us the knowledge to apply those techniques to future situations. They guided us in selecting the best methodology for data transformations and trained us in the use of those tools. We accomplished a lot in a very short time.

Manager of Business Intelligence

A simple thought process that we couldn’t do on our own, your steps were incredibly helpful.

Your discussion about how to engage your business users greatly improved the analytics at our organization. It changed our discussions with end users away from design and towards analytical needs. It took the development process back to IT, and let the end user focus on the key measures needed to improve their business needs.

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