Slow Reports? Optimizing A Cognos Server Environment

Slow Reports?  Here's tips on optimizing a Cognos server environment.

When it comes to optimal report performance, we typically focus on report writing best practices and the state of the data source.  However, we often forget that there is a third element to optimal reporting performance; optimizing the Cognos server environment.  When Cognos servers are optimized, report processing can be seriously impeded.  Nothing upsets end users more than slow reports; or, even worse, errors while running a report.

You can optimize a Cognos server environment and fine tuned it in Cognos Administration under the Configuration tab.

The following should be considered:

  • Grouping dispatchers into configuration folders
  • Specifying advanced dispatcher routing
  • Balancing the request load
  • Setting the load balancing mode
  • Setting number of processes and connections
  • Maximizing usage during peak periods
  • Setting queue time limits

In addition to tuning configuration setting and services, make sure your Framework Manager Models are built with best practices and are built to meet the business’s needs.

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