Check out the latest functionality in Planning Analytics!

 And learn how model maintenance can be simplified with Soterre by Motio.  

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Planning Analytics & Soterre:

Are you looking to upgrade your Planning Analytics?  Or maybe you upgraded but haven't had time to discover all the cool new functionality in the latest version.  You may be working harder than you need too!  Especially if you are not using Soterre by Motio.  This is an amazing tool to help Planning Analytic administrators save time, and be more certain. 

  • Undo model changes and revert to prior versions with easy 
  • Move models from dev to prod without rebooting the TM1 servers
  • Compare versions of T1 processes to find errors
  • Have an audit trail of model changes
  • Identify who changed the models
  • Look like a  Planning Analytics rock star! 

Want to learn more about the latest Planning Analytics version and Soterre by Motio?

Please call Heather Cole at 813-415-2910 or email her at

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