The Power of Cognos Insight


Do you struggle with trying to analyze offline spreadsheets or data sources? Do you receive data from 3rd parties that need to be analyzed quickly?  Do you want to look like a rock star and quickly create a TM1 cube and dashboard on this data?  How would you feel if you were able to do all of this and more including publishing to the Cognos network for consumption throughout the organization? Let us introduce Cognos Insight.

IBM Cognos Insight can make all of this happen and more! Let me tell you about an internal struggle I had recently and how Cognos Insight has become a daily tool within Lodestar Solutions. 

It was time to build Lodestar’s 2016 Budget and I wanted to be able to quickly build a budget that could quickly be implemented and shared throughout our organization. I utilized files form our accounting software, dragged them in, manipulated the hierarchies a little and very quickly created an actuals cube that was the basis for our 2016 budget.  Once the budget process was complete, I took that info and created a scorecard which is utilized daily at Lodestar Solutions.  Updating certain numbers weekly and monthly, our entire organization has insight into our business.  Upper management can react to changing trends quickly while the service team can see who is doing what and what projects are in the que. Additionally, the entire company can have conversations and create actions based on fact, not assumption.  Doesn’t that sound like a powerful tool that can make you shine in your company?

Lodestar Solutions can help you with Cognos Insight. We have an awesome workshop available for you to access which will teach you how to use it in a couple of hours.  It includes files and instruction to create cubes, calculations and dashboards. Lodestar Solutions also provides a link to download the free version of Cognos Insight.  This version has all features of the paid version except the ability to publish back to Cognos and pull data from BI or TM1.  Also one important item of note, if you own BI or TM1… you own the full version of Cognos Insight.

Welcome screen with lots of valuable info:

Cognos Insight welcome screen

Example of Scorecard in Cognos Insight:

 Cognos Insight example scorecard

Another screenshot example:

Cognos Insight screen example

Contact us at for information on our Cognos Insight workshop and start utilizing this very powerful desktop tool! You can also view our Lodestar Solutions Youtube video HERE.

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