Publishing TM1 Aliases in Cognos BI

Have you been thinking about publishing TM1 aliases in Cognos BI?  It is completely unintuitive, but if you want to use all those awesome aliases TM1 allows you create in your Cognos BI Package, then you must select a language on the Locales page of Framework Manager Metadata wizard. If you don’t select a language, it will publish the package with the default member name.

  1. Select dimension
  2. Select desired alias for dimension
  3. Select language

 TM1 Aliases in Cognos BI

 Part of what we attempt to offer at Lodestar Solutions are small  little FYI's that we uncover which can save you hours of frustration. This very simple step is just such an FYI so make sure to choose Mandarin, Hindustani, English, Spanish, Russian, or whatever language you require.

For more information, please visit the IBM Knowledge Center.

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