Migrating Planning to TM1

Migrating Planning to TM1

IBM Cognos TM1 is architected very differently than Cognos Planning. Plannings distributed architecture and cube structures lead to limitation in model sizes. IBM Cognos TM1 is a powerful 64-bit, in memory solutions that has tremendous power if model are designed considering TM1s power and functionality. For Cognos Planning clients to fully realize the power of TM1, Lodestar Solutions recommends a model “Reconstruction”.

Lodestar Solutions calls it a Reconstruction because we are not starting from scratch. Instead, we are leveraging the parts of the existing solutions that are beneficial to redefine and construct an improved solution, while minimizing the disruption to the organization. Organizations that do not reconstruct their models, but rather simply recreate their models, will limit their ROI of the Planning to Cognos TM1 migration.

A Reconstruction is the process of building models similar to existing Cognos Planning models, yet different in Cognos TM1 to maximize the benefits of TM1 this includes:

    • Evaluation of the current business requirements and goals of the organization
    • Reviewing existing Cognos Planning models and identifying areas for improvement
    • Definition of Global Standardization/governance
    • Clarification on Region Autonomy
    • Leveraging appropriate, existing Planning structures and logic
    • Designing models to maximize performance and functionality
    • Mapping the phased roll out resulting in all models being migrated to Cognos TM1
    • Defining the Environment that will best serve the global deployment
    • Creating the detailed implementation plan


For more information on Cognos Planning to Cognos TM1 Migration Reconstructions, contact Lodestar Solutions at 813-415-2910 or Sales@LodestarSolutions.com.

And check out our website for upcoming Planning to Cognos TM1 migration workshops and webinars.

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