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What are you challenges?

I want to know what your challenges are. Reach out to me and tell me your struggles. Heather L. Cole, your coach


Business Analytics and High Performance Coaching can change your life!  Do you have a challenge?  Are you getting more frustrated at work?  Not feeling satisfied or maybe you know you could perform at a higher level.  Maybe you need new BI tools.  Consider getting a coach.  Some of the areas that our clients have realized through consulting include: 

  • Leveling up in your career
  • Become more influential in your organization
  • Find the joy in your work again
  • Learn to facilitate game changing workshops
  • Learn to run effective software selection processes
  • Lead the the defining of your business analytics road map
  • Look like a  Business Intelligence rock star! 

Curious about how coaching could help you and your organization?

Please call Heather Cole at 813-415-2910 or email her at

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