Data Models better be good for goodness sake!

In case you missed it, IBM let its Data Models sense of humor show in a second blog interview with Santa Claus.

Highlights include:

  • Use of consumer data and moving business from reactive to predictive in many areas
  • Hope for a predictive model so accurate, letters from children are negated, cutting down on cost
  • Decreasing “Pout Scores” – Negative Behavioral Sentiment, better use of children’s time
  • Better forecasting of toy trends, less rush the last few weeks before Christmas
  • Working with Chief Elven Officer (CEO) to infuse analytics throughout the organization
  • Apparently, they keep data in igloos up there instead of servers
  • Mrs. Claus recommending that Rudolph try out a high intensity LED bulb on his nose
  • Using retail and supply chain analytics and optimization best practices

We hope you can appreciate the giggle – and Santa’s good business sense!

You can also check out the first Santa interview here.


Happy Holidays to all from the Lodestar Solutions Team!

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