Saving TM1 rules takes too long!

“What's the deal with the TM1 rules I'm writing?!?!” Why does saving TM1 rules take a long time occasionally?

I just recently created a TM1 rule that took over 5 minutes to save.  I double-checked my feeders and couldn’t find a problem with them and my totals were looking correct at the consolidated levels as well.

While reviewing my cube, I saw that the account rows in a P&L cube were not showing the rows that required a % properly.  After a little poking around, I realized that I had formatting on my measures dimension, as well as, my variance dimension.  The two were conflicting with each other and not showing the % rows correctly.

After I removed the formatting on the correct variance dimension elements, which fixed that problem, I then noticed my rule would now save in one second.

Apparently, conflicting formatting can cause performance issues with TM1 rules. For more specific questions regarding TM1, do not hesitate to contact us at

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