Solving the IBM Cognos Upgrade Challenge

June 2, 2021

Solving Upgrade

Cognos and Planning Analytics Upgrades

IBM has done a great job pushing out updates to both Cognos Analytics and Planning Analytics.  IBM Cognos updates are important providing new features, security, and bug fixes as well as other enhancements.  But, IBM Cognos upgrades do come with a potential challenge.  To keep up, customers should perform an IBM Cognos and/or Planning Analytics upgrade a few times throughout the year.  Below I will discuss some of the challenges to upgrading frequently and how Lodestar Solutions is solving the IBM Cognos and Planning Analytics upgrade challenge.

IBM Cognos and Planning Analytics Upgrade Pain Points

We love that IBM is bringing out great new functionality regularly, however it also creates some challenges...

  1. Frequency of IBM Cognos upgrade releases –  Frequent IBM Cognos releases are a awesome.  IBM has done a great job of enhancing Cognos Analytics and Planning Analytics.  However, with such frequency comes costs. Whether you are using internal resources or Lodestar consultants to help you with the upgrades, resources cost money. 
  2. Internal IBM Cognos upgrades are not IT’s top priority – Often the business is on board with upgrades but they do not have the internal bandwidth to upgrade on a timely basis. And upgrading a couple times a year may not be a priority for your IT team. 
  3. Need additional technical support – Upgrades often come with the need for additional technical consulting assistance.  For some clients, getting a statement of work signed can be a long or frustrating process.
  4. New feature knowledge – When you perform an IBM Cognos upgrade, you typically get lots of new features and enhancements.  The new functionality can be overwhelming to the point of being scary. End users can be resistant to change.  This fear can delay upgrades and even cause Cognos upgrades to be abandoned.
  5. IT knowledge for upgrades is lacking – IBM Cognos upgrades can be tricky for some clients who do not have internal technical Cognos experts to complete the upgrade. Technology changes so rapidly it's hard to keep up. 

IBM Cognos Upgrade – Problem Solved, Upgrade Bundles

To solve the upgrade challenged, Lodestar Solutions created IBM Cognos Analytics and Planning Analytics Upgrade Bundles.   Many clients were challenged with a lack of IT resources to support the upgrade process. They shared that they want to upgrade but IT was too busy with other initiatives.  Lodestar Solutions hears your pain, so we put our heads together to create bundles to solve the IBM Cognos and Planning Analytics Upgrade resource issue.  We wanted to make it easier for clients to budget for their IBM Cognos upgrades, implement their IBM Cognos upgrades and stay current on the latest and greatest Cognos Analytics and Planning Analytics features!  

Keep reading for the exciting details and then reach out to us at for the incredible deal on this bundle.  Just a hint, you save upwards of 30% on the total value of the package!

What does the Cognos Analytic and Planning Analytics Upgrade Bundle Include? 

The IBM Cognos Upgrade Bundle is a Lodestar Solutions offering where we act as your IT department regarding your IBM Cognos Upgrade or Planning Analytics Upgrade.  The Cognos Upgrade Bundle includes:

Up to 4 upgrades in a continuous 12-month period

  • Includes installation, configuration, migration, high level testing, ILMT connection1 (if necessary) and documentation.
  • If you have PVU licensing and do not know what the ILMT is check out this blog ILMT Tool Questions and Answers
  • Four single environment upgrades within 12 months. The Cognos Upgrade bundle can be used for Planning Analytics and/or Cognos Analytics and can be a mix of production, test, development, etc.

Product Walk Through 

Lodestar will give you a live, new feature walkthrough of your specific environment for each version you upgrade to.  This new IBM Cognos functionality session will be recorded to share with all your team members.

20 hours of Technical Support

  • Cognos Analytics Upgrade Bundle includes additional support that can be used as you need it.
  • All requests will be responded to in 48 hours and work will be subject to availability.
  • Technical support hours included in the Cognos Upgrade Bundle must be used within the 12-month period.

Every Upgrade Pack includes an IBM License Review

This ensures you have the optimal mix of licenses and you know what functionality you own.

Additional Requirements for Lodestar’s IBM Cognos Upgrade Bundle

  • Client must have a current subscription support contract with IBM support. If you are not current email and we can help.  You also should read our earlier blog  Consequences of Not Renewing IBM Cognos Support. 
  • All Cognos Analytics upgrades will be completed virtually. 
  • Client is responsible for providing access to the servers.
  • IBM Cognos Upgrade Bundle will require a valid Master Service agreement with Lodestar Solutions. If you are not currently a Lodestar client, email us at


Do not wait, reach out to us now at to take advantage of this amazing offer! IBM just release Cognos Analytics 11.2 and you don’t want to miss the excitement with this awesome release.  Stay tuned for a blog covering everything new in 11.2.

Next Steps

Reach out to us at and we will set up a short call to walk through this program, demo the new releases from IBM Cognos and help you roadmap your upgrade.  Our goal is simple, make this process easy, affordable, and successful.

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