Introduction to Predictive Analytics with IBM SPSS – Part II

I hope you enjoyed our first installment about the IBM SPSS Family.  Let’s will pick up where we left off. Again, these offerings are for more analytically mature organizations. If you’re not sure where you land, check out the link in the Analytical Maturity blog recently posted.

IBM SPSS Collaboration & Deployment Services: In a previous blog where we discussed Analytical Maturity, this is a family of products for someone who is maturing in the use of Statistics or Modeler. This set of tools allows an organization to Collaborate, Automate, and Deploy. Collaborate: develop and implement analytics across the enterprise, and keep your models and their versioning safe in a repository. Automate: construct flexible analytical processes that can be deployed throughout your operations and ensure consistent results. Deploy: embed analytical results in front-line business processes, while integrating with your existing infrastructure, using standard programming tools and interfaces.

IBM SPSS Analytical Decision Management (ADM): This is the end-all/be-all for the most analytically mature clients, and is designed for organizations looking to embed analytical results in every facet of the organization for a truly analytics driven and optimized business plan. A fully implemented ADM solution puts predictive intelligence at the fingertips of your workforce and at the point of impact – when they’re interacting with a customer/student/constituent/employee. It can include real time scoring and even real time text analytics (call center reps can be typing in notes and the model will update with a recommendation right then and there)! The defining piece of this technology is that it combines predictive analytics with your organization’s business rules to create optimized, cost effective, and repeatable decision making with everyone with whom your business comes into contact. Like most all of the other SPSS products, it is modular and essentially envelops a Modeler implementation as a means to disperse results.

IBM SPSS Analytic Server & Catalyst: Like ADM, this is an enterprise system designed for the analytically mature. The main difference from ADM is that this is designed for very, very large enterprises, so the starting price point is, well, we’ll just say priced for very large enterprises. It’s a bundle of functionality designed to automate much of the analysts’ work (not to shrink the headcount, but rather to make analysts’ time more effective; i.e. less time cleansing and merging data, more time discovering), handle exceptionally vast amounts of data, and requires more users than a small or medium sized client.

WHEW! As you can see, there are many different ways to “go predictive” and Lodestar is now equipped to shepherd you through to a predictive solution that meets your needs and your budget.

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