How to Implement BI – Part 2

In part 2 of Lodestar's series on how to implement BI, we discuss how you need to lead those in your organization.

Lead the PeopleHow to Implement BI

  1. Clearly State Expectations. Be sure each member of the team knows their specific responsibilities and deadlines. This will save time and prevent duplication of effort or tasks being overlooked.
  2. Promote Candor Within the Team. You can’t afford to have surprises, and direct communication eliminates them. No one has all the answers; encourage people to ask questions. This will help team members share information.
  3. Give Credit When and Where It’s Due. Don’t take credit for your team’s ideas or hog their limelight; this not only fosters resentment but also makes you seem untrustworthy. Team members will share their ideas openly if they know they will get credit for their ideas.
  4. Create & Celebrate Milestones. Creating milestones for you and your team will help you keep track of your progress and will also give you a sense of accomplishment as you reach each milestone. Make sure you celebrate the milestones to help keep the momentum.
  5. Adopt a Predictive Managerial Style. Don’t wait for things to happen to make a move. Anticipate problems and provide contingency plans. Ensure executives are knowledgeable of risk factors and if timelines are in jeopardy. No one likes negative surprises.
  6. Respect Peoples Time. Use an agenda at all meetings, if there is no agenda, cancel the meeting until there is one. Make sure all meetings stop at the designated time; schedule another meeting if necessary.
  7. Be Realistic About Resource Needs and Gaps. Define the skills needed and involve people with those skills on the project. Be honest about gaps and close them thru external resources or education.
  8. Evaluate the Skills of Your Consultants. Ask for resumes of the consultants assigned to your project and conduct phone interviews. If the consultants assigned aren’t meeting your needs, request a different resource.

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