How to Implement BI – Part 4

How to Implement BI – Part 4

Successful Software Implementation - Communication

In our final step for How to Implement BI, we discuss the importance of communication between all those on your team.


  1. Touch Points. Hold regular status meetings. Make sure all tasks are on schedule, issues are discussed, and solutions are proposed.
  2. Email Minutes of the Meeting. Designate someone to type up the meeting notes and send them to all team members.
  3. Join User Groups and Network with Other Users. Getting involved in local and virtual user groups will help you meet people that can be great resources when you have questions.
  4. Keep an IBM Cognos Notebook. Jot down ideas of how IBM Cognos could simplify your reporting and planning needs in a dedicated notebook. This will be valuable in design sessions.
  5. Communications Plan. Have a communications plan so that you are in touch with all stakeholders throughout the project. Create status reports and an issues log for team members to share.
  6. Documentation is Important. Document not just how it’s designed, but why, where and when. Remember your goal is to be promoted, so make the environment one that someone else can easily manage.

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