Cognos Planning Assumption Cubes

Basically, you are able to update global rates in one place and populate them out to your elist nodes via an Admin Link. By using a Contributor Assumption Application, you have a bit more flexibility in what you are populating and you don’t have to Synch and GTP. By not having to do the Synch and GTP and depending on your model size, you may increase the speed of data population and since you are not Synchronizing with Analyst, you don’t have to bring over structural changes you are not ready to put in production.

  • Your elist list for your application would only be one item. This allows you to update your rates directly in Contributor and then execute appropriate Admin Link. No need to Synch & GTP.
  • Use additional dimensions to further breakdown your global rates and allocation tables to map these accordingly (ie Regional rates from the Assumption App that push down to your other App’s States elist via allocation table or mapping). If you were using an Assumption cube, all elist States would have to get the same rate, but with an Admin Link you get to pick and choose.
  • Use of version or year dimensions will allow you to re-use this application.
  • One Application can be used for populating several other Applications. Just make a separate cube for each for better organization.
  • In the Target Applications, have your Admin Link populate read-only or hidden cells if you don’t want users to edit rates. Or allow over-rides with conditional formulas in your Target dlists.
  • You can still use Analyst only models to calculate and determine rates, ACP link to your Global Application and then use Admin Links to populate your other Contributor models. Again, this eliminates having to Synch & GTP, since you cannot populate an Assumption cube with an ACP link.