What’s Your #1 Hiring Blindspot?

What's Your #1 Hiring Blindspot Blog
What's Your #1 Hiring Blindspot Blog
Written by Heather L. Cole, August 11th 2022

Are you looking to hire IT or Finance talent and struggling to find good applicants?  You might be feeling frustrated with your HR team or recruiters and wondering, “why can’t they do their job?”  But I must say, it’s not their fault.  The world has changed, and many organizations have failed to adjust their hiring strategy.  As a result, they have a hiring blindspot.  Are you curious to learn what’s your #1 hiring blindspot? 

The World has Changed

I think we can all agree, the world has change.  There has been a seismic shift in what employees are looking for, and what they want out of their careers.  I believe this shift has been caused by two forces.  The pandemic has caused us all to reflect on what’s really important to us, and the younger generations have a different mindset regarding careers.

The Result

A younger generational shift has been moving slowly for years.  See my earlier blogs on Millennials.  But then we add the pandemic which caused employees to take inventory of their lives and BAAM the seismic shift in the recruiting and hiring world occurred.  Employees started singing the 80’s Twisted Sister Song, “Were Not Going to Take It,” and decided they would rather be unemployed chasing their dream career than keep doing what they were doing. 

The Facts

In December 2021 4.3 million Americans quit their jobs.  There were 10.9 million job openings posted on the last day of December, far more than the roughly 6.3 million people counted as unemployed. See SHRM’s blog, Year- End Employee Quits Remained Record High.

The Problem

The problem is that most hiring managers and executives didn’t shift! 

Over the last year as an executive high-performance coach, I have met with many executives and managers to discuss their biggest challenges.  Hiring Talent was number 1.  As we explored what was causing the challenge to attract, hire and retain talent it became obvious to me that executives were suffering from one of 3 common hiring blindspots.  The most common was that they were still using the old school ways to hire people.  They would dust off an old job post and have HR post it on the web and hope qualified applicants would see the post or their recruiters would find them.  (See our blog Why You Aren’t Attracting Analytic Talent)

You might be thinking, what’s wrong with that…?

The Challenge

Have you read your job postings lately?  Clients send me postings to review and I am shocked that they are very company focused.  They don’t communicate what’s in it for the applicant.  They don’t communicate the growth opportunities.  When I point this out to my clients they usually laugh and say, “yeah we need to work on that.”  See our blog, Job Posting Tips to Attract Analytic Talent.

The Urgency

Your hiring blindspot is a big issue for a number of reasons.  

1. Risk of More Team Members Leaving

If you have already experienced team members leaving, you may be short staffed and feeling overworked to cover for the missing team member.  But worse, your team could be feeling stressed and overworked which puts them at risk of leaving too.

2. Risk of Not Meeting Strategic Goals

When you are short staffed it becomes even more challenging for your team to complete the strategic goals or initiatives you set for the year.  Maybe your goal is to upgrade your analytics solution or implement a new planning solution.  It will become significantly harder with less staff, but that’s magnified if the team member that left had 10 years of knowledge of the corporation.

3. Top Talent Could Go to Competitors

The biggest issue is that if you don’t identify you hiring blindspot and address it, the top talent you seek could go to your competitor!

The Solution

The first step to solving a problem is to identify you have one!  So, can we admit, we all probably have at least one hiring blindspot?  Okay, now that we identified the problem let’s go deeper. 

Through my research I have identified 3 most common hiring blindspots that hiring managers suffer from, but most have a predominate one that should be addressed first.  To make this easy I have developed a little quiz that takes a couple minutes to complete that will help you identify your #1 hiring blindspot. 

Identifying your blindspot is not enough!  I feel so strongly about the negative affects that the hiring blindspots are having on our clients that I decided to create a 3-hour virtual Overcoming Your Hiring Blindspot Workshop to help you take action to address the problem.  In this workshop you will discover:

  •  The 3 Common Hiring Blindspots
  • The Secret to Writing Compelling Job Descriptions
  • How to Leverage Social Networking and Media to Find Talent Not Looking for A Job
  • Why Core Values and a Vision are Key to Attracting Talent

This is a “get shit done” (GSD) workshop where you actually take action to shift your mindset and approach to hiring.

To learn more about this workshop click this button.

I am excited to work with you to solve your hiring challenge! 

I promise to bring tons of value during this workshop, but I have one favor to ask of you!  Can you please share this with your colleagues, Linkedin connections, etc…