Are You Ready To Start Raising the BAR (Business Analytics Roadmap)?

Business Analytics Roadmap
Business Analytics Roadmap

Don’t know where to start in your analytics journey? Thinking about investing more money into analytics software that you’ll likely not use because no one has been properly trained on it?

Or…maybe you’ve experienced the later:

Have you invested in business intelligence solutions and not realized the benefit you were expecting?  Do your executives receive KPI’s on easy to read dashboards? Are team members receiving timely information to make strategic decisions? Do you want more productive teams?

Imagine if you had a clear vision of exactly what your executives and the various business units really need from a reporting, data and analytics perspective.  How productive would the IT team feel when the business sings their praises for delivering more than they expected?

I know you have tried working with the senior executive team to develop an analytic roadmap, but it’s difficult to get everyone to get on the same page.  Without a plan that aligns to what the organizations leadership is trying to accomplish, you’ll be fighting a losing battle.   

Raising the Bar

Lodestar’s Raising the BAR (Business Analytics Roadmap) workshops are structured to facilitate the process of defining, prioritizing, evaluating, communicating, developing, and executing your organization’s Business Analytics Roadmap.  In the Raising the BAR program we get the right people in the room to communicate the strategic initiatives and determine the path.   The outcome is to have all areas of the organization working in unison to improve performance while leveraging data and analytics to drive innovation and better decision making.  This will directly result in increased profitability. 

You can hire a large consulting firm for $100,000 to analyze your company and deliver a 120+ page document of issues you already know or hire Lodestar Solutions to coach your leadership team how to align their strategic goals with data and analytics, while building happier, more productive, self-efficient internal teams that deliver results. 

Raising the BAR’s framework to is easy to follow. One of our Sr. Business Analytics Coaches will guide you through the process of finding the path that best fits your organization’s culture and goals.  

Benefits of Coaching
  • Clear understanding of how business analytics can benefit your organization
  • Defined and focused priorities agreed to by the team; resulting in time savings and money
  • Connecting data and analytics to the strategic initiatives of the organization
  • Clearly defined business analytics roadmap to maximize your investment
  • Coaching significantly increases probability of successful solutions meeting your short and long-term needs  


What is our Approach?

Business Analytics Roadmapping sessions consist of a series of short, interactive workshops. The goal of these sessions is to give you a better foundation and understanding of how business analytics can benefit your organization, evaluate how data and analytics can assist in achieving your strategic goals, create a vision of analytics, and provide an analytic roadmap for your organization. 

Our approach is simple. We follow a defined process that takes you through 5 phases of the initial BAR development.  The key to success is the executives’ and organization’s commitment to becoming an analytics driven organization.  The phases include:

A Business Analytics Overview – Establishing a definition of business analytics.  

Purpose/Outcomes – Defining the purpose and outcomes desired for analytics.

Vision Definition – Brainstorming session on all areas that could benefit from analytics.

Evaluation – Review of the feasibility and ROI of areas defined in the Vision session. Roadmap Definition – Create an agreed upon roadmap that Lodestar will formally document* for client.

What our Clients Say?

Just wanted to thank you for the workshop I attended Wednesday and Thursday.  The information was very helpful and thought provoking.  I say thought provoking because that is probably my main take-away from the workshop.  As I eluded during the workshop, I have seen and even applied most of the concepts shared (Scrum was probably the one I had the least amount of experience with, although I am familiar with it and have/do apply some of those principles as well).  

However, the big “win” is seeing all of these things again (refreshes my memory and reaffirms my belief in these techniques) and the thoughts that it provokes.  I am now well-armed and enthused to apply this (or very similar – adapted to our environment) framework here at CoreSite, thus assuring more success in the implementation and buy-in of our reporting and analytics improvement efforts.  I had a flood of ideas and follow-on actions that I took away from the workshop…so that we can truly apply these best practices and realize the value of these sorts of project/efforts.

Again, thank you very much for the course/content and your superlative presentation skills of the materials.  I was never bored and my grey matter stimulated/motivated.  Keep on doing what you’re doing.

Chris Otterson -Sr. Director – Business Operations & Continuous Improvement


The rate of success for coaching the client dramatically increases when the client commits the right resource(s) and focus to the sessions.  This will mean access to executives to clarify the strategic initiatives and vision.   

The client must agree they want to grow and make changes in their organization. Coaching is not advice or consulting.  By entering into this relationship, the coach and the client acknowledge that the client wants to make significant progress and is dedicated to becoming an analytics driven organization.  Progress and change happen at rates that are unique to each organization and individual.  


Coaching sessions are conducted onsite, with possible follow-up via telephone or web meeting as arranged with the Coach. It is recommended the client has a webcam to better facilitate remote discussions.  

Our Guarantee

“You get more than you pay for with Lodestar Solutions.”

If you fully participated in our program but are not satisfied with our services and the results, pay us what you feel it was worth.  We are that confident in our programs.

Interested in speaking with one of our Business Analytics Advisors to learn more about a Raising the BAR workshop? Email to schedule your consultation today!

Let’s Hit The BAR! Lodestar’s “Business Analytics Roadmap Program”


Sounds like fun, right? As Business Analytics Coaches, we are often asked questions like, “I own Cognos and I don’t know where to start” or “How do I get the biggest wins for my business with analytics?” Well…have no fear! Lodestar Solutions has an AMAZING program that is part of our “Faster Cheaper Analytics Program”, called “Raising the BAR – Business Analytics Roadmap”.  The Business Analytics Roadmap program is a structure that facilitates the process of defining, prioritizing, evaluating communicating, developing, and executing your organization’s Business Analytics Roadmap.

Faster Cheaper Analytics program

The outcome is to have all areas of the organization working in unison to improve performance while leveraging data and analytics to drive innovation and better decision making.  This will directly result in increased profitability.

Our approach is simple. We follow a defined process that takes you through 6 phases of the BAR development. The key to success is executive and company-wide commitment to becoming an analytics driven organization.  The phases include Purpose/Outcomes, Vision Definition, Evaluation, Culturing, Leader Growth, Execution and Succeed.   Using a series of exercises, conversations, and workshops over the course of 2 days, we provide your team with a complete roadmap along with next steps.

Business Analytics Roadmap Program

“Raising The BAR – Business Analytics Roadmap” is just one of many items in our “Faster Cheaper Analytics Program!” I would love to talk with you more about this program and more!  Feel free to contact me at to get you and your company on the path to success.

The MacGyver Approach to BI and Analytics when you have limited resources

I had a conversation with a perspective client the other day when he asked me, “What are the Best Practices for BI and Analytics when you have limited resources when?”  I paused a moment and asked him, “Do you have all the data you need in a clean, efficient Data Warehouse and unlimited time, resources and money? “

In 20 years of selling and deploying software solutions, I have yet to find a client that can follow “Best Practices”.   Therefore, I believe in the MacGyver approach to Business Intelligence and Business Analytics.  Do you remember the 1980’s ABC television show where the main character, MacGyver (a secret agent) would repeatedly find himself in precarious situations?  MacGyver would then assess the situation, review his resources, contemplate his options to solve the situation, and finally, he would act with total confidence and commitment to resolve the problem.  Typically, the solutions included duct tape, a Swiss army knife, a shoe string, a piece of gum, and gas from a nearby lawn mower.

When you are looking to deploy Business Intelligence and Business Analytics, you should put aside “Best Practices” and use the “MacGyver Approach”:

  1. Assess your organization’s goals for BI/BA
  2. Evaluate your resources: data, tools, people, time and budget
  3. Explore your options on where to start
  4. Create your plan / Business Analytics Roadmap
  5. With complete commitment and communication, make it happen

But, like MacGyver’s plan, you must be able to face the unforeseeable curve balls and have the agility to change your plans to meet your goals.  By setting realistic expectations that things will change, and empowering your people to act when appropriate, you will realize Business Analytics and Business Intelligence success.

If you are struggling with creating your Business Analytics Roadmap, Lodestar Solutions offers software agnostic Business Analytics Coaching programs to help you define it.

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Business Analytics Coaching – Does Your Executive Team Need It?

Business Analytics Coaching can be game changing for your organization.  Not only can it result in an increase in productivity and better decision making, but Predictive Analytics can lead your organization to money saving and making opportunities like never seen before.  Business Analytics is critical to your organization’s growth and ability to stay competitive. 

The challenge is that most top executives don’t fully understand how to realize the benefits of Business Analytics.  They have little knowledge or skills in leading the organization to leverage data across all disciplines.  Executives rarely have strong IT skills.  They don’t understand the foundation of data and the challenges you face daily.   As a result, they tend to not lead, but just let things happen.  For an executive to take a stance and truly lead their organization to a place where Big Data and Analytics can dramatically increase profits, they need Business Analytics coaching.

Business Analytics Coaching helps leaders:

  • Roadmap Business Analytics in their organization
  • Understand the data challenges
  • Align internal resources to maximize efficiency
  • Communicate the Business Analytics vision
  • Set realistic expectations of Business Analytics
  • Engage the entire organization

Your executives have coaches working on their golf swings, but maybe they need an Executive Business Analytics Coach to improve your organization’s adoption of Business Analytics. 

For more information on Lodestars Executive Business Analytics Coaching programs, contact us at

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