What’s New in Cognos Analytics 12.0.2

What's New in Cognos Analytics 12.0.2
What's New in Cognos Analytics 12.0.2
Written by Mike Bernaiche, January 25th, 2024

On January 18, 2024, IBM released the next version of Cognos, Cognos Analytics 12.0.2.  There are several enhancements and improvements in this version which I will write about below.  If you are not familiar with the power of Cognos 12 please see this blog, Welcome to Cognos Analytics 12,  and if you are thinking about why you should upgrade to Cognos 12 please read this – Elevate Your Analytics: Why You Should Upgrade to Cognos Analytics 12

Multiple Components

Stored Data Management – both administrators and users can manage uploads and data sets.  End users can easily manage anything you have uploaded or created in data sets.  This is done by going to manage -> people -> stored data.

Conditional Formatting in More Visualizations – In Cognos Analytics 12.0.2, you can now conditionally format in the following visualizations: Area, Bar, Bubble, Bullet, Column, Line, Pie, Point, Stacked bar, Stacked column, and Treemap.

Conditional Formatting in More Visualizations

Assistant in Cognos Analytics 12.0.2

Data Source Selection – You are now prompted to either select your data source or a sample data source.

Optimized Data Sources – There are now 6 options to optimize your data through the assistant in Cognos Analytics 12.0.2.  Data from samples has already been optimized automatically.

  • Hide Unneeded Columns - You can hide columns that might not be useful in visualizations such as row ID or product code columns. These hidden columns are fully functional in the product but cannot be selected in new visualizations or dashboards.
  • Rename Columns - make sure that column names in the data module reflect the data accurately, you can rename columns. Rename columns that include underscores, dashes, or abbreviations as these can be difficult to use when asking the Assistant a question in natural language.
  • Add Synonyms - You can train the Assistant to understand terms in your data that it might not recognize by adding synonyms.
  • Create Useful Calculations - You can create calculations such as a count field which always returns 1. In tables that are lists or logs, a count field that always returns 1 lets you get the count of employees in an employee table or the number of calls in a call log table.
  • Eliminate Duplicate Column Names Across Tables - avoid ambiguity in your data, if you have multiple tables in a data module, make sure that the same column names do not appear in more than one table.
  • Set Data Formats - you can set formats for the values in your data module to ensure that the Assistant responses are easy to read and understand. For example, you can choose to display a value as a local currency, or as a number with consistent decimal places.

Dashboards in Cognos Analytics 12.0.2

Widget Connection Limit Increased - You can now create a maximum of 20 groups of widgets. The previous limit was five groups of widgets.

Reports in Cognos Analytics 12.0.2

Map Manager Removed from Reporting – Map Manager is no longer supported by IBM Cognos Analytics. Existing reports that contain Map Manager maps continue to run.  To see the impact please click this link

Search and Select Prompt Improvements - When you now perform a search in a Search & select prompt control, a background request is submitted, and the search results are displayed without reloading the entire page.

Dashboards and Reports in Cognos Analytics 12.0.2

Dual Line Visualization – Use a dual line visualization to present as lines two data sets that have two different ranges of values.

Dashboards and Reports in Cognos Analytics 12.0.2

Negative Values and Item Labels as a Percentage - You can now use two properties to show negative values and item axis labels as percentages.

Additional Formats of Value Label in Bullet Visualizations - You can now use additional formats of value labels, percentage delta of target, and value delta of target, in bullet visualizations.

Show Value Axis Zero Grid Line in Visualizations - You can place a custom line at the zero point of the value axis.

Modeling in Cognos Analytics 12.0.2

Auto-Relationships - Data modules now support the automatic creation of new relationships, called auto-relationships, between tables from different data sources. The auto-relationships are discovered and generated with minimal effort from the modeler. By using auto-relationships, you can avoid the manual effort of identifying the related tables and connecting them. For example, when adding newly uploaded files to a schema-based data module, you can establish relevant relationships throughout the data module with just a single click.

Creating a Dashboard within a Data Module

Creating a Dashboard within a Data Module in CA 12

Editing the Union, Except, and Intersection - You can add and remove tables from an existing union, except, or intersect a custom table. You can also update the columns in these custom tables based on column changes in their underlying reference tables.


There you have it!  Some new great stuff in Cognos Analytics 12.0.2.  For a full list of items, specifically in the administration and install you can click this link

Reminder – Support for Cognos Analytics 11.1.7 ends on April 30, 2024.  If you need IBM support and you are not on at least version 11.2 or higher, IBM will ask you to upgrade.  Why wait?  Upgrade not to Cognos Analytics 12.0.2 and take advantage of the incredible enhancements.  You can reach out to us at services@lodestarsolutions.com for more information on upgrading.  We make it easy and cost-effective to get you on the latest version.

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