IBM Cognos Analytics Mobile Walkthrough

IBM Cognos Analytics Mobile Boards Area

Written by Mike Bernaiche, August 12th, 2021

Looking for a quick view at important data in Cognos Analytics?  Maybe, your executive team is starting to travel again and needs access to information on the road or want push notifications to alert you to changes in targets?  If you own IBM Cognos Analytics and have upgraded to version 11.1.7 or 11.2 then you already own the solution to these questions.  IBM Cognos Analytics Mobile.

Breakdown of Key Areas in Cognos Analytics Mobile

Supported Devices, Set up and Authentication

Download the Cognos Analytics Mobile App from IOS or Android App store. Utilize the personal QR code from inside Cognos Analytics or enter the server url.

For a list of support devices: Supported devices - IBM Documentation

Authentication: Authentication - IBM Documentation

Link to Cognos Analytics Mobile app on IOS – IBM Cognos Analytics Mobile - Apps on Google Play

Link to Cognos Analytics Mobile app on Google Play Store - IBM Cognos Analytics Mobile - Apps on Google Play

Boards Area

IBM Cognos Analytics Mobile Boards Area

Boards provide convenient places for you to pin your visualizations.  Use boards to organize and manage your visualizations so that you can find and retrieve them at a moment's notice.  You can create, rename, hide, show, or delete boards in the Boards screen.

For more information on boards: The Boards screen - IBM Documentation

Content Area

Content Area

Use the Content screen to quickly find and open content.  The Content screen contains three tabs and a filtering feature to help you find and open content.

  •  Use the Recent tab to access your recently viewed content 
  • My Content tab to access your created content
  • Team Content tab can be used to access team content, which is shared with you from the team content folder.

NOTE - Only visualization widget pins can be displayed in IBM Cognos Analytics Mobile.  All other pins are hidden by default.

For more information on the Content Area: The Content screen - IBM Documentation

Notification Area

Notification Area

Use the Notifications screen to conveniently view your notifications.  You can receive notifications if one of your visualizations or a visualization that you are a viewer for has triggered an alert.

From the Notifications screen, you can access visualizations that have triggered a notification, filter your notifications by read and unread, and see the date and rules, which triggered the notification.

For more information on notifications: Alerts and notification settings - IBM Documentation



The Assistant is a powerful feature that allows you to use simple questions, in natural language, to search, find, and explore your data.

TIP – typing help into text fields provides examples to get started.

For more information on the Assistant feature: Assistant - IBM Documentation

Management of Cognos Analytics Mobile

As an administrator you have a number of options in the management of Cognos Analytics Mobile.  You can set up the following:

  •  Enable or disable Cognos Analytics Mobile
  • Manage alerts for users
  • Enable or disable scheduling
  • Enable or disable dashboards, explorations, or assistant
  • Configure token login signing secret setting
  • Configure your Cognos Analytics environment with SMTP

For more information on management of Cognos Analytics Mobile: Managing Cognos Analytics for Mobile - IBM Documentation


If you are looking for information to troubleshoot your set up please check out the following:


Cognos Analytics Mobile offers some great features to take your information on the road with you and gain insights without having to get out the computer or take paper with you.  The addition of the new mobile app takes Cognos Analytics to the next level in my opinion.  Adding in Android, along with IOS devices provides access to almost all users.  Reminder, you do need to be on the latest release of Cognos Analytics (11.2) to take advantage of mobile. 

To upgrade to the latest version or talk about getting mobile set up in your environment reach out to us at

I will be providing a demo on our client only user group on August 17, 2021.  If you are a client and have not yet signed up to attend, check your inbox for the invite.  If you did not receive an invite, please contact us at