Cognos Analytics New Feature Online Training – Version 11.1 and Higher

Cognos Analytics Online Training
Cognos Analytics Online Training
April 27th, 2020

IBM Cognos has done an amazing job of enhancing and updating Cognos Analytics since inception.  Every few months IBM releases a new version and typically each of these versions contains new and exciting features. You may be thinking…  “this is great, however I can’t keep up and I feel like I’m behind because I don’t have the time to learn everything new”.  Lodestar is here to solve this issue.  We just released our brand new, Cognos Analytics Online Training for version 11.1 and higher!

How Does This Training Work?

We have partnered with Carol Olsen of Carol Olsen and Associates to create this training. Each chapter contains a video and all the materials you need to take the class. The process is very simple.  You can purchase from our secured site HERE and have instant access to all of the content and additional videos added throughout. You can then work through the exercises at your own speed, refer back to them when needed and learn all of the new features as they are released. 

The training is purchased on a per user basis.  If there are multiple people in your organization who would like the Cognos Analytics Online Training class, please email us for group pricing.

We also have a number of onsite training programs available that take this training and expand on it in a classroom setting. We can deep dive into reporting, dashboarding, data modeling or Framework manager and explorations.  To schedule a conversation on this type of training, please contact us at

Why Should I Purchase?

The answer to this question is pretty simple.  Knowledge is power.  Become the expert in your organization on all new features in Cognos Analytics. Now is the time to level up your knowledge and become the asset your company cannot be without.

You will:

  • Reduce dependency on consultants and consulting fees
  • Increase executive satisfaction
  • Decrease time to deliver dashboards and reports to end users
  • Increase your ROI on your upgrade
  • Secure quicker end user adoption
  • Learn how to leverage the new AI functionality as well as data modules and dashboards

What Is Included?

The online training includes a hands-on video library, training pdf’s, instructions, excel files for uploading and updated videos for each new release from IBM Cognos Analytics. To be clear, this online class teaches all of the new interfaces and features in each version.  If you are looking for end to end training, please see the section below on "Full Feature Training."

  • Chapter 1 – Overview of all new user interface
  • Chapter 2 – What’s New in Reporting?
  • Chapter 3 – Dashboard New Features 
  • Chapter 4 – Creating Data Modules
  • Chapter 5 – What are Explorations?
  • Additional videos as IBM releases new content for Cognos Analytics.
  • 30 minute free Cognos Analytics Q/A session with certified consultant.
  • How Long Do I Have Access?

    You will have access for 2 years, which will provide approximately 8 new videos as IBM releases new versions.  After 2 years, you may renew your subscription for a nominal fee, to continue to receive the latest information and training.

    Cognos Analytics 11.1.4 and 11.1.5

    To learn about the latest enhancements in 11.1.4 and 11.1.5 please check out these blogs on all the new features.  IBM has added tons of new functionality.  What better way to get up to speed than purchasing this Cognos Analytics Online Training?

    Maybe you haven’t upgraded to version 11.1.x yet. Check out this blog from IBM on 11.1.x.


    If you have not upgraded to the latest version yet, reach out to Lodestar for help.  Now is the time to move your analytics roadmap forward with the power of Cognos Analytics.  In most cases the upgrade is quick and inexpensive.  Out experts are here and ready to help!  Contact us at

    Act Now!

    We are excited to offer these training options and believe it will help take your Cognos Analytics initiatives to the next level. Start increasing your skill set, click here now to purchase the course.