How to Change The Primary Contact Name for IBM Cognos?

Primary Contact Name for IBM Cognos

Are you an IBM Cognos administrator that inherited the system and need to know how to change the primary contact name for IBM Cognos with IBM so you can download software?  Well, I’ll provide you the steps you need to take.  

But first, I want to clarify what the role of the primary contact is.  The primary contact will get all communications from IBM regarding changes to the Passport Advantage Agreement or other contractual issues. Only your Primary Contact (or designated Secondary Contacts) can update contact information.  Everyone who buys IBM Cognos must provide a contact name, it’s mandatory.  So, when you buy software, don’t make this person a consultant or intern.   Make sure it’s an employee.

Secondary Contact Recommended

We recommend the primary contact designate secondary contacts in IBM Passport Advantage to assist with adding new users and determining access rights.  The secondary contact will have all the same management access rights as the primary contact except for creating new secondary contacts.  Up to four secondary contacts can be designated by the primary contact.  The secondary contact will need to know the Passport Advantage Site Number.  If a customer site has no nominated secondary contacts, the primary contact will be solely responsible for managing access rights.  Not sure I would want only one person to do that, best to have a backup assigned.

If you buy with under the Passport Advantage program, you can also designate an Administrative Contact and a Site Technical Contact when you enroll.  The Administration Contact is your site’s designated contact for all administrative documents including Software Subscription and Support Renewal notices and Proofs of Entitlement. So, if a product is about to go unsupported, IBM will notify the administrative contact.

Administrative and Site Technical Contact

Your administrative contact is responsible for requesting and authorizing account information changes. If authorized by your primary contact, your administrative contact can manage Web and tool access for your organization and will have access to your Proofs of Entitlement online via Passport Advantage Online to confirm your authorized use of IBM software.

The site technical contact is responsible for overall support compliance for your Passport Advantage site. The site technical contact maintains authorizations for entitled support-related Web and tool– including IBM Service Requests, PMRs and fixes.   Because you can have a technical person set by site, you might want to put licenses held in different regions on separate sites within your PA account.  This will allow them to have access to support in their time zones.

Your IBM Cognos Support renewal quote will go to the Renewal Contact that is assigned to the site, and you will receive a separate bill for each site.

How to Change Contact?

Okay, now that you understand the different roles, here are the details about how to change the primary contact name for IBM Cognos.  But, I must warn you it’s a lot easier to change the primary contact for your Cognos system if the old administrator is still there.

Assuming the current primary contact is still with the company, you will need to have that person email IBM.  In North America you will email  Typically, they respond within 24 hours.  You will need to provide the following in the email:

  • The IBM Customer Number of your organization, which can be found on your support renewal invoice or quote.
  • If your organization has more than one IBM Site ID, include the Site ID.  This will also be on your support renewal invoice or quote from IBM.
  • First name and last name of the previous Contact.
  • First name and last name of the individual to be designated as the new Contact.
  • Phone number of the individual to be designated as the new Contact.
  • Email address of the individual to be designated as the new Contact.

If you don’t have your IBM customer number or site number, contact us at and we will assist you. 

Note, if the previous primary contract  is no longer at the company, or you don’t know whose name is on file with IBM, the new primary contact should email or with a request to make the changes.   Or, we can assist you.  They will need to know your Passport agreement/site number, new contact’s full name, Email address, Phone number, and reason for update.

For more information on how to change the primary contact name for IBM Cognos click here

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