Cognos 10 vs Cognos Analytics C11

Cognos 10 vs Cognos Analytics C11

Why Compare?

If you are like me, you want to see a comparison of products to understand what you are getting vs. what you are missing.  To me, it is a very easy way to understand the impact.  For those of you on Cognos 10, you are probably wondering what is in Cognos Analytics and why you should upgrade.  I have put together an easy to understand Cognos 10 vs Cognos Analytics C11 comparison.

Cognos 10 vs Cognos Analytics C11 - What is available?

Cogno 10                  

Cognos Analytics C11

Report Studio

Workspace Advanced


New Reporting Module

Query Studio

Available, hidden by default.

Analysis Studio

Available, hidden by default.


New Dashboard Module

Event Studio

Hidden by default - no enhancements planned

Metric Studio

Only available in Cognos Analytics C11 R6 and prior

​Cognos for MS Office

Available in Cognos Analytics C11

Cognos Connection

Available as new portal

Administration Area

Same area plus new administration items.

Framework Manager

Cognos Analytics C11 version available

Transformer / Powerplay

Available now in Cognos Analytics R7

​Dynamic Cubes


As you can see, most of what was in Cognos 10 is available in Cognos Analytics.  What Cognos Analytics has done is simplify the entire user experience.  No longer do you need to know what studio to use nor do you need to create a bunch of widgets to create dashboards.  You have a very powerful tool in a much better package that will lead to efficiencies and user adoption.

To learn more about the latest release, check out this blog​Cognos Analytics 11.0.7​​​