Level Up Dashboards with Cognos Analytics

Dashboards with Cognos Analytics

Cognos 10 Dashboards

For those of you on Cognos 10, building a dashboard is a difficult and time consuming process.  You need to build widgets through Report Studio then place them in Workspace.  You have to worry about updates and filters, ensuring every change you make flows through.  Frankly, not a very user friendly process that has probably led you to ask yourself, how do I level up dashboards with Cognos Analytics?  As you can see by the below image, the Cognos 10 dashboard is clunky, not every nice to look at and just looks old.

Dashboards with Cognos Analytics

Cognos Analytics Dashboards

Enter Cognos Analytics.  Dashboards with Cognos Analytics can take your company analytics to the next level.  It starts with a very easy to understand user interface. It finishes with a polished, clean look, affording your end users the opportunity to make informed decisions.  

You have the ability to create dashboards quickly from many different sources.  These include uploaded files, TM1 / Planning Analytics, Cognos packages, data modules and many others.  The flexibility offered is 2nd to none.  As you can see by the image below, there is a huge difference between Cognos 10 and Cognos Analytics when it comes to dashboards.

Dashboards with Cognos Analytics

Dashboard Training

At Lodestar, we believe there are 2 parts to dashboard training.  1. is the concepts that make a good dashboard  and 2. is the technical to build a dashboard.  Both are very important and we offer fantastic training on each.  We highly suggest taking the concepts training first and then the technical.  

Destination Dashboard Quick Start Course- (Conceptual training) This online training is software agnostic and provides strategies and formats for building dashboards on any platform.  

Cognos Analytics Dashboard Training(Technical training)  This online training is based on Cognos Analytics and provides steps to creating dashboards in Cognos Analytics.  It also takes you through the user interface, data and storytelling modules.

You can purchase either product alone or both with a special add-on deal.  When you click on either of the above links  you will be directed to a purchase page.  Purchased separately each training is $497.  If you want to purchase both you will pay $497 for the first and only $297 for the 2nd.  You will receive over 16 hours of training for only $794!  If you do not receive more value than you paid, please contact us about our money back guarantee.

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