Software Lifecycle – When does IBM Cognos BI Support for 10.2.x end?

IBM Cognos BI 10.2.x - is it ending?

Recently, we found out that IBM Cognos BI support for 10.2.x was ending on April 30, 2018.  What does this exactly mean?  As you can see here on the IBM site, a number of different products have an EOS (end of service) date of April 30, 2018 as well as the type of support ending is enhanced.  Again, what does this mean?

When support ends for IBM products, you basically have two options.  1. Upgrade to the newest version or 2. purchase a support extension.


The first option is to upgrade.  In this case, Cognos Analytics or Cognos 11 is the option available.    Here is some info to help you get started with Cognos Analytics.

  1. Lodestar's Upgrade Evaluation Tool Kit - We have created a toolkit to help you evaluate your move to Cognos Analytics.  Check out our blog and sign up for the toolkit by clicking on the link above.
  2. Overview blog of Cognos Analytics - Check out this blog on the first release of Cognos Analytics.
  3. Cognos analytics is now on release 6.  IBM continues to add more and more features to an already great product with each release.  Check out this blog on release 6.
  4. Also, I wanted to provide a link to our Cognos Club.  This special area on our website is 100% free and contains great info on Cognos Analytics, TM1, and many other items.
IBM Cognos BI Support
Support Extension

If you are not ready to upgrade to the newest version of the software, you have the ability to purchase a support extension through IBM.  A couple items of note with this option.  The support is likely to cost more than your current support and you will not receive any product updates.    You will receive support for any product bugs and other items.  However as I mentioned, it comes with a cost and no future enhancements.

Now that you have your options, what do you do now?  Contact Lodestar Solutions to discuss these options!  For an upgrade quote, contact  For support extensions, contact  We can save you time and money!

Things To Consider With A Cognos BI 10.2.2 Upgrade

If you joined our virtual user group on November 20, 2014, you saw a presentation on Cognos BI 10.2.2 upgrade and all of its new features but you may be wondering what happens the day after your Cognos BI 10.2.2 install.  The upgrade was available on November 21, 2014.  I proceeded to download the files and set up an image. The following is some extra information.

The install process is really easy for development or test environments (like mine I created).  I chose the install with DB2 as the content store and as soon as it was done, I was in BI.  Just create a username and password for DB2 and keep the port as is and install.  As I spoke about on the user group, no IIS set up, no messing with Internet settings.  Very cool!

One of the questions from the user group was in relation to Query Studio and Analysis Studio. Are they still in 10.2.2?  The answer is yes!  Although it is my understanding that they will both be going away in a future release of BI.  Workspace Advanced, however, does give the Query or Analysis Studio user similar experience in a more robust studio.  I would suggest those users who live in Query or Analysis Studio to look into Workspace Advanced training sooner rather than later.  You can contact Lodestar at to inquire about all of our training options.

That’s it for now…  As I get more time to work in 10.2.2, I will provide updates on new functionality and test the new components.