TM1 Dashboards w/ Cognos Workspace (BI)!

IBM has modified the rights for IBM Cognos TM1 licenses and Cognos BI licenses over the last year and the results are that you have been supersized. One often overlooked capability is for TM1 users to use Cognos BI Workspace.  Cognos Workspace can be setup to see the TM1 Application folder and Cubeviews.  Users can drag/drop websheets and cubeviews onto their workspace and combine them with BI reports. You should now have access to TM1 Dashboards.

Workspace is the user friendly reporting and dashboarding component in IBM Cognos.  Both Enterprise and Express TM1 users have Cognos Workspace functionality.

IBM Analytics Zone Video Showing Workspace Dashboards

TM1 licenses & Workspace Dashboarding

What TM1 Licenses include Workspace?

Restriction:  TM1 licenses provide workspace rights but only on TM1 data.  Therefore, if a user has a TM1 licenses only, not a BI license, they cannot leverage a BI framework package of non-TM1 data.

  • Cognos Performance Management Modelers (TM1 Modelers) – have licensing rights to use Cognos Workspace Advanced on TM1 data only.
  • Cognos Performance Management Users (TM1 User) – have licensing rights to use Cognos Workspace, not Workspace Advanced on TM1 data only, not advanced rights.
  • EP TM1 Explorer does not have Workspace rights.
  • Express PM Users have licensing rights to use Cognos Workspace Advanced on TM1 data only.

Do I need training on Workspace?  As a business analytics coach, I always advise clients to take training.  Yes it’s easy and you can learn a lot of it on your own but you are likely to miss time-saving functionality of Cognos Workspace.  Lodestar offers a 2 day Cognos Workspace Advance training class that you can take virtually both self-paced and/or instructor led.  For more information on training, contact Lodestar Solutions via email

For more information on using Cognos Workspace with Cognos TM1, check out this Link to IBM information on configuring IBM Cognos Workspace to access Cognos TM1 Applications

Lodestar Solutions has business analytic coaches experienced in the functionality of TM1 licenses in addition to BI which can help you succeed. Contact us at  to arrange a call with our team.

Note… IBM reserves the rights to change the licensing rights so, this information is subject to change.