Coming Soon in Planning Analytics Applications and Plans

Coming Soon in Planning Analytics Applications and Plans
Coming Soon in Planning Analytics Applications and Plans
Written by Mike Bernaiche, July 29th 2022

Recently, I had the opportunity to see what was coming in Planning Analytics Applications and Plans and received the approval to share some of what I experienced.  Actually, the first section is now available in Planning Analytics version 78 released July 13, 2022.  Those of you using Planning Analytics Applications and Plans will find these improvements much needed and exciting.  Those of you waiting for a similar experience to contributor applications in the older versions of TM1 will be excited to upgrade and have similar functionality.  Let’s get started!

Approval and Rejections of Submissions

Approvals and Rejections are now available in the planning process with version 78 released on July 13, 2022.  In addition, improvements to email notifications and the overall submission process make it easier to work with plans.  When you create a plan, you can now add approvers for each contribution.  These approvers can approve or reject the submissions.

Approvals and Rejections in Plans plus Improved Email Notifications

Also in version 78, enhancements have been made to email notifications.  Event triggered emails are now sent to relevant users in a plan when any of the following occur.

Event triggered emails

Examples of email notifications.

Examples of email notifications in Planning Analytics

You also have a new area to track submission and rejections with a logging screen.  Great for the plan admin to track progress and understand where each step of the plan is at.

Submission Log

Before I talk about future enhancements, please note that these are in the IBM roadmap and their release is planned for future updates.  There is no timetable for release, and I will update this blog based on their release version when available.

Monitoring the Plan

Plan owners will now have visibility to all information in a plan through a monitoring screen. 

Monitoring the Plan

Task Dependencies

For plan owners to put in place task dependencies for automatic task to open and close based dependent tasks.

Task Dependencies

Plan and Unlock

Plan owners will be able to lock and unlock contributed data allowing for a more contributor like experience in Planning Analytics Applications and Plans.  Once the plan submission is complete and approved, lock it, and ensure that data doesn’t change.

Plan Lock and Unlock

Schedule Plan Open and Close

You will be able to open and close plans based on pre-set dates based on your planning cycle.  Create your schedule, set it and forget it.

Schedule Plan Open and Close

Detailed Instructions with Attachments

Plan owners will be able to add detailed instructions with attachments to the plan to give guidance and detailed instructions to plan contributors.  Load your .pdfs to make the process more efficient and get rid of the back and forth on instructions.

Detailed Instructions with Attachments

Visual Workflow Authoring

To give clarity into the flow of the planning process you will be able to create a visual workflow of the planning process.  Use this to make it easier for end users to understand the flow of data.

Visual Workflow Authoring

Summary of What's Coming Soon in Planning Analytics Applications and Plans

As you can read there are several excellent enhancements coming to Planning Analytics Applications and Plans in the coming months.  Approval and rejection along with email enhancements are included in version 78 released on July 13, 2022.  The rest of the enhancements are coming soon, and this is a great opportunity to start planning your upgrade to utilize these great features.  We wrote a blog discussing upgrades and an exciting new bundle program for upgrades.  You can read all about it here, Solving the IBM Cognos Upgrade Challenge - Lodestar Solutions.  You can always reach out to us at

I hope you find these enhancements as exciting as I do.  Some of our clients have been asking for these for many months and I’m excited for IBM to release all of the updates to Planning Analytics Applications and Plans.

Update TM1 Contributor Views with TI Process


I recently had a client ask how they could go about updating the latest month for users to see when going into a TM1 Contributor application, without having to update each view individually. Well then…let's discuss TM1 Contributor views. To update the default element that is used in a title/page dimension of a cube view, you will use the Turbo Integrator function ViewTitleElementSet.   This allows you to update the element chosen for the page, without eliminating the other elements in the subset used that would be available if you were to click on the dropdown for choices.  If you have several views that use the same dimension, you would simply add them to your TI Process.  You can leverage the Parameters tab to simplify things further if you have more than one title/page dimension in views that need to be updated.  The example below takes you through the steps for updating one view, but you can update many views at once in a single process.

This is the syntax of the function:

            ViewTitleElementSet(CubeName, ViewName, DimName, Index);

TM1 Contributor Views w/ TI Process
TM1 Contributor Views w/ TI Process
TM1 Contributor Views w/ TI Process
TM1 Contributor Views w/ TI Process
TM1 Contributor Views w/ TI Process
TM1 Contributor Views w/ TI Process

TM1 defaults all user views in a “persisted state”. This means if the user rearranged the default view, as a “favor” it leaves the view the way one left it. So your users will still have to reset each view (or choose the option to reset all views) in order to see your newly updated view after running your TI Process.

At this time, TM1 does not have the magic Reset button some may want or need for their users. If you feel bold and want to try the existing work around, please click here for the IBM documentation:

Resetting All Persisted Views for an IBM Cognos TM1 Application

Should you have any questions about TM1 Contributor views or any other TM1 questions, feel free to contact us at

IBM TM1 Applications Web: Better Tool Today


As Business Analytics Coaches, it’s our passion and responsibility to find and talk about products that make your job easier. Today, we are going to talk about utilizing TM1 applications web previously known as Contributor. TM1 applications is a web portal for user inputs to a Planning and Forecasting model. Anywhere you need contributions to a plan or a forecast, you can create input forms and have them available on the web.

The forms are part of an application that gets created via TM1 performance modeler. You can create one application per cube and include as many input forms as you like from that cube. The forms are just TM1 views. You create the view in either Architect or PM and bring them into your application. Security of the underlying data is applied from TM1 and you also have to provide group access to the application in PM. Along with group access, you can set other options like having TM1 applications web or Cognos Insight being the default tool to open the forms. TM1 ApplicationsThis is where it gets interesting because having the input forms available in Cognos Insight brings a whole other set of capabilities that is very exciting.

Prior to the full integration of TM1 applications with other products, the only option was to have simple input forms available on the web. That was not as popular as creating web sheets for input forms. Even today, a lot of consultants shy away from TM1 application and that is probably due to the fact that they are more familiar with creating websheets and using the excel VB & action buttons. However, with the availability of applications on Cognos Insight, there are additional capabilities that can provide a richer planning process. In Cognos Insight, a widget of your workspace can be an input form. Other widgets can be a summarized view of your P&L along with another widget showing some visualization based on the data. So as you input your plan, you can see the effects on your P&L and have a graphical representation of it. That is powerful and more informative to the planner than having to switch screens or not having that integration at all.

Another reason TM1 applications adoption has been slow is because in the past, contributor has had a lot of technical issues. Developers have found websheets as a better tool than worrying about contributor not working correctly in the long-term. But with the latest version of TM1, IBM has made numerous improvements to TM1 applications and has improved performance & scalability. With Cognos TM1 working in multithreading mode and better memory optimization, TM1 applications web should be the tool of choice for most planning applications. There is a lot being offered concerning the integration with other products in the performance management suite.

There is still a place for using websheets created with perspectives or CAFÉ as that capability is still available. One of the areas that TM1 applications web is still lacking is the use of Action Buttons as most complex planning models use action button to kickoff TI processes. There is an option for that too. You can kickoff action buttons in Cognos Insight. The only solid reason for not using TM1 applications could be that your planning process and subsequent input forms are so complex that TM1 views cannot be created. In that case, perspectives and active form would be the tool of choice.

Last but not least, the workflow capabilities that come with TM1 application are great. In a large matrixed organization with hundreds of departments, maintaining a workflow process can be a daunting task. TM1 application provides this functionality and there are three options available as far as workflow is concerned: Central, Approval or Responsibility. For more information on these workflow types, please refer to the URL provided below.

We at Lodestar Solutions, strive to get you the highest amount of ROI from your technology investment and we want to help you utilize all the tools that are available to you under your entitlement. For additional information on how we can do that for you please feel free to call us at 813-254-2040 or email us at

TM1 Contributor Rights and Functionality Explained

​TM1 Contributor Rights Explained

TM1 Enterprise Planning Contributor is the primary licenses end users of TM1 utilize. It allows for end users to have read and write access to the TM1 models. Under IBM Cognos licensing, end users have the following TM1 Contributor rights

•Modify & review workflow status through Planning Manager or TM1 Contributor

•Perform read/write data operations via any supported TM1 interface, including:

  • TM1 Contributor
  • TM1 for Microsoft Excel
  • TM1 Web

•Execute TM1 Turbo Integrator processes and chores

•Create private & public presentation objects via TM1 for Microsoft Excel

•Read data from and write data to a TM1 server through IBM Cognos Connection web portlets displaying TM1 viewers

•Use Action Buttons in TM1 for Microsoft Excel and TM1 Web interfaces for navigation of forms

•Access to utilize Cognos Insight (v10)

Note the TM1 Contributor licenses must have related server rights, either through Analytics Server licenses or previously granted server rights from earlier version of TM1.

TM1 Contributor Rights - different interfaces

Let’s take a moment to explore the different user interfaces available to the end user under the TM1 Contributor license.

TM1 for Microsoft Excel is a client version that runs as an add-in to Microsoft Excel and provides limited access to data on remote TM1 Servers.

TM1 Web is a client version that accesses via the web forms giving the end users that ability to access complex models with read-write and ‘what if’ modeling capabilities. The Web forms are worksheets that support the functions, formatting and graphic capabilities of Microsoft Excel all on the Web. With just a browser, you can create, personalize and update budgets and models. The Web client requires no download so you can get right to work on your budgeting and forecasting assignments. The end users get fast performance from the Microsoft.NET architecture and the end users can export to Excel if desired.

tm1 contributor rights

TM1 Contributor is a client user interface that allows for access via the web but adds a build in workflow so it is easy to identify which users have not submitted the data to the plan. The power user will create views of the data in TM1 and leverage them to create the TM1 Contributor Application. The power user will establish the approval hierarchy. When a user accesses the model and enters data, it is stored in a designated area of their personal workspace until the data is either committed to the base model or reset (cleared). In Contributor, uncommitted data is viewed in blue until committed. Data can be exported to Excel from Contributor.

You can have a mixed environment where some of your users access models via the Contributor and others Excel, but plan this out accordingly.

With IBM Cognos TM1 10, TM1 Contributor rights include Cognos Insight. For more information on Cognos Insight check out our posting: “What is Cognos Insight?”

We also have information on how to download Cognos Insight

And finally we have periodic webinar on this topic

For more information please contact Lodestars Solutions 813-415-2910

Benefits to Upgrading Your IBM Cognos Planning Licenses

IBM recently announced a major licensing change for their IBM Cognos Planning licenses.  Clients that are on 8.4.1 of IBM Cognos Planning and own Contributor, will receive an equivalent license for IBM Cognos TM1 Contributor.  This is great news for clients looking to complement Planning with TM1.  Utilizing TM1 will require the purchase of the TM1 Modeler and TM1 Analytic server licenses.

With this licensing change, they are requiring all IBM Cognos Planning licensing clients to be on the latest Cognos Planning Enterprise Licensing Model to download 8.4.1.   Clients who purchased Cognos Planning or Adaytum Planning prior to the IBM acquisition may be affected and be required to modify their IBM Cognos licensing.

For all older Cognos Planning licenses clients, there are a lot of benefits to upgrading your licenses.

If you are currently on an older licensing model which would allow you to download 8.4.0 but not the latest 8.4.1 IBM Cognos Planning, you have two options:

Option 1: Stay on current license structure and upgrade to 8.4.0

• Job servers – Provided you are  on the old Adaytum licensing that restricted use to a single server, additional job servers can not be added to Cognos Planning
• Future patches and updates are being created for 8.4.1.  Currently with Planning  8.4.0,  neither Windows 7 or Internet Explorer 8 are listed as a supported platform.
• Planning Generation of Framework for BI is not included in the older licensing.
• Upgrading from Planning 8.4.0 to 8.4.1 is a complete uninstall and reinstall of the Planning software
• Planning Contributors will NOT receive an equivalent license for IBM Cognos TM1 Contributor.
• Non-Production Environment would require an additional license

Benefits: IBM Cognos Planning 8.4.0 provides a new and more robust users interface for the end users.  Other benefits depend on the current version you are utilizing.

Option 2: Trade up the licenses to Enterprise Planning Licensing Model
• Allows for the download and installation of Cognos 8.4.1 the latest release of Cognos Planning
• Job Servers-  The Enterprise licensing allows for a reasonable number of servers so multiple job servers can be added to Cognos Planning
• Future patches and updates are being created for 8.4.1. Planning   Currently Planning 8.4.1   Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 8 are supported.
• Contributor licenses include the Excel Add-in for Contributor
• Contributors will have rights to receive notifications and alerts from Event Studio
• EP Modelers(fka Analyst) will have rights to use Event Studio
• EP Modelers(fka Analyst) will have rights to model and access any source (both metadata and data) via Framework Manager, including underlying components and services
• Planning Generation of Framework for BI is included in the licensing.
• Planning Contributors will receive an equivalent license for IBM Cognos TM1 Contributor. However, purchase of the TM1 Analytic server and PM Model would be required.
• Most new licensing models are based on named users, therefore no additional licenses are required for a Non-Production environment.   The exception is a PVU licensing model.

Lodestar Solutions strongly recommends all clients with Cognos Planning licenses – review their licensing and consider trading up to the new licensing model as there are many benefits. We would be happy to help.  For information contact us at