Dashboards in TM1? Legacy Users Need to Purchase Workspace Add-On.

Dashboards in TM1
Dashboards in TM1
Are you a Legacy TM1 shop and your users are asking about dashboards in TM1?  

For all of you that currently use Cognos TM1 for budgeting and forecasting, you know how powerful the solution truly is. Are your business users coming to you and asking for more functionality though? Lodestar Solutions has worked with multiple clients that are planning their migration from TM1 to Planning Analytics, but what our clients have found out is that that they need to purchase the Cognos Workspace Add-On for all of their TM1 users in order to take advantage of dashboards in TM1. 

What is the Cognos Workspace Add On?

The Cognos Workspace Add-On gives all of your users the ability to create self-service, interactive dashboards and compelling visualizations. The dashboarding capability allows for ad-hoc analysis and gives each user rich insights into the data. It’s time to start marrying sheet data with visualizations for quick insights into your numbers. This will give you a better understanding of what your numbers are saying!

Get Workspace Get PAx

One more item of note.  In order for PAx (Planning Analytics for Excel) to function properly, you will need to have Workspace installed and running.  The rely on each other and together their power is unmatched in the industry.

Are You Ready for the Next Level?

When you are ready to take your TM1 solution to the next level, call one of Lodestar Solutions’ Business Analytics Advisors at 312-625-2562 to discuss next steps. You can also email services@lodestarsolutions.com to schedule time to speak with a Business Analytics Advisor to find out if you’re a good fit for the Cognos Workspace-Add On.  We can also talk with you about upgrading your TM1 system to Planning Analytics.  Support for older version of TM1 is coming to and end soon!  Now is the time to upgrade.