What happened to IBM Cognos Data Manager Decision Stream?

Are you asking Google, “What happened to IBM Cognos Data Manager Decision Stream?”  Let's give you a bit of histroy first. IBM Cognos Data Manager creates data warehouses and data repositories for reporting, analysis, and performance management. It works by extracting operational data from multiple sources transforming and merging the data to facilitate enterprise-wide reporting and analysis delivering the transformed data to coordinated data marts. Many clients purchased Data Manager back when it was call DecisionStream. Well…IBM did it again, they changed the name. Did you recently get a support bill and notice Data Manager is not there and you suddenly have InfoSphere licenses?

Well here’s the skinny:
IBM migrated active entitlements to Cognos Data Manager to InfoSphere DataStage Workgroup Edition effective on June 10, 2014.

Cognos Data Manager is included as a supporting program within InfoSphere DataStage Workgroup Edition. This allows customers to continue using their currently deployed instances of the software without having to reinstall or change their deployments. Customers will be supported for Cognos Data Manager issues under the InfoSphere DataStage Workgroup Edition license. This means that a customer who is current on their S&S may continue using Data Manager through the end of life of DataStage Workgroup Edition program. (Please refer to the IBM Software Support Lifecycle Policy for more information on EOS date.) Customers may also install and use InfoSphere DataStage Workgroup Edition in accordance with the capacity they are entitled to after migration.

Simple answer is Cognos Data Manager is no longer part of the Cognos Brand family but is now part of the Workgroup Edition of DataStage.

Link to IBM notice: www-01.ibm.com/common/ssi/cgi-bin/ssialias?infotype=AN&subtype=CA&htmlfid=897/ENUS914-075&appname=USN