Create a Table of Contents for Videos with Camtasia


Have you ever watched a video for training or documentation purposes only to realize it is so long of a video you let out a defeated sigh? You only need to watch for a specific topic, but most times it seems like you have no idea where it is covered in the video? Well, have no fear as Camtasia is here! With Camtasia Studio 8, creating a table of contents for videos you record is a snap. It's all about saving your viewers time as they can skip to only the sections they need to watch.

Camtasia has made it quite easy. Once you have your video completely edited and ready to go, just follow a few easy steps. You will have a table of contents for videos in no time at all.

First of all, venture into the editor, click the settings button (looks like a gear). Then click “Show Marker View.”

Table of Contents for Videos

Next, you will enter a new marker to indicate the start of a new section. Enter the name you would like to appear in the Table of Contents.

Table of Contents for Videos

You're almost done! It's that simple.

Your video is now ready to be produced. Click the appropriate size setting (most likely 1080) MP4 with SmartPlayer. It is the SmartPlayer that allows the Table of Contents to be displayed. Once the video is finished producing, you will have multiple files for the video.  Especially relevant is that all files must stay together in order for it to work. Finally, upload to Sharepoint, an internal network drive, or upload to ScreenCast.  Your viewers are now ready to go.

For more tips and tricks on making your video better beyond just creating a table of contents for videos, such as creating markers, watch our video on this topic using this YouTube Link. In addition, you can check out Heather Cole's other time saving tips and basic Camtasia editing guide in her blog & video.

To get your free trial of Camtasia, go to the Products page on their site. You can watch another tutorial on markers at Camtasia’s “Getting Started Series”.

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