TM1 Element Security Within a Dimension

TM1 element security within a dimension: SECURITY_ELEMENT

Listed below are the steps to implement TM1 Element Security Within a Dimension.  Note: If }ElementSecurity_dimensionname Control Cube does not exist this must be executed first

  • Assigns Security to Elements within a Dimension
  • Creates/Updates }ElementSecurity_dimensionname
    • If the }ElementSecurity_dimensionname Control cube does not exist it is created. If the }ElementSecurity_dimensionname Control cube exists, it is updated
      • Item is the Element name
      • Grp is the Group
      • Access is the security assigned to the Element

TM1 Element Security

TM1 Element Security

Column Headers in the file need to be the Variable Names below

TM1 Element Security

Parameters Tab

pDim = the name of the Dimension (not element) to which the elements being [security] updated belong

TM1 Element Security

Data Tab

pDim = parameter=dimension name

TM1 Element Security

This is a short summary with quick tips to implement TM1 element security.   You can learn about this and so much more by clicking the following link.  This will include info on all security in TM1 including security groups, functionality and security maintenance.    You will also learn about the new features in Cognos TM1 version 10.2.2.  Lastly you can find links to the technical library that includes tutorials and so much more.

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