The Data Does Not Lie – Time to Change our IBM Cognos Analytics Practice

Message from Heather Cole, President of Lodestar Solutions.

Lodestar Solutions is changing! But then again, isn’t everything?

IBM Cognos Analytics

After almost 14 years of successfully leading Lodestar Solutions through an ever changing marketplace, I am taking a bold move! Lodestar will have laser focus on the IBM Analytics suite including IBM Cognos Analytics (BI), IBM Planning Analytics (TM1), Cognos Controller, Sales Performance Management, (Varicent) and all of the other IBM analytics modules, cloud and on premise.

You see, over the last few years, my passion and endless research in the areas of professional development, psychology, neuroscience, physiology, peak performance, motivation, cognitive behavior theory and positive psychology has seeped into Lodestar Solutions. In addition to providing top rated consulting, training, and sales of IBM Cognos software and support renewals, Lodestar started to offer Business Analytics Coaching. Clients that received our Business Analytics Coaching loved it. We created free clubs like our IBM Cognos Club and our Coaching Analytics Clubs.

But the more we marketed and provided free coaching content, the more we confused people. Many of our clients asked, “Does Lodestar Solutions do Cognos consulting anymore?”

Identifying the Problem with Data

Clearly my passion for high performance coaching got in the way of our real mission to empower IBM Cognos clients. Houston, we have a problem! What’s a business analytics professional to do? Examine the data! So, we pulled the data from our systems. Which videos are clients watching? What emails are people opening? Which blogs are you reading and commenting on?

“The data doesn’t lie!”
Data Discovery-

What I discovered hidden in the data was in our path to be unique and add game changing value, I created an identity crisis. The data told us that of the 5,000 visitors to our website every month we could divide them into two main groups. Those looking for answers to specific IBM Analytics questions, and those looking to get users and executives in their organizations to listen to them, respect them, and hopefully give them a raise

My Solution

In January 2017, I announced at the annual Lodestar Solutions team meeting a massive change! Lodestar Solutions will focus on being the best boutique IBM Cognos reseller and implementer in the US. Our pride will come from coaching you to be self-sufficient and reduce your consulting costs. Our promise to our clients:

We will...

  • Continue to provide insight and knowledge on all aspects of IBM Analytics solutions to empower our clients.
  • Study IBM licensing more than any other partner so we can help you ensure you are in the right licensing mix and save you money on IBM renewals. Email to set up your “What the Heck do I Own” session.
  • Dive even deeper into IBM contract language and educate yourself on SaaS contracts and your options. Check out our blog
  • Create a Move to IBM Cloud/SaaS evaluation kit to help you ask the right questions and determine if IBM’s Bridge to Cloud program is beneficial to you.
  • Deliver a Cognos Analytics (C11 BI) Evaluation kit to determine if you are ready to migrate. Register here.
  • Continue to be beta testers of new IBM Cognos versions, so you know what’s coming.
  • Roll out an innovative new Cognos Analytics (C11 BI) Training program that will change how you experience IBM training by saving you time and money. link
  • Offer our new IBM Cognos Services á la Cart program, so even if you just need a couple hours of consulting, help is a few clicks away.
  • Continue to invest in continuing education of our consultants in areas such as IBM technology, Agile project management, and soft skills so they are industry leaders.
When you think of IBM Cognos, think of Lodestar Solutions!
Passion Lives On

No, I did not give up my love and passion for High Performance Coaching. In fact, I am diving even deeper into it, but doing so under a new company name, Heatherized, Inc. 2017 is the year I take the leap! The year I stop talking about my vision of providing High Performance Coaching for IT and Finance Professionals and make it happen!

Heatherized, provides certified High Performance coaching to IT and Finance professionals that want to Level Up, Gain an Edge, and Lead with Passion. It is for professionals looking to get out of the rut and make more money! Heatherized does not sell or implement software, we are software agnostic.

Brendon Burchard

As your Certified High Performance Coach, I follow Brendon Burchard’s programBrendon’s program is an amazing 12 session program where participants learn how to increase their Clarity, Energy, Courage, Productivity and Influence.

IBM Cognos Analytics

His scientifically proven methods are perfect for analytically minded people in IT and Finance. Why? Let’s be honest, the brilliant analytical minds are not exactly into self-help. We need data to prove to us something works and we like processes. As a highly analytically minded person I get it, I understand how you are wired. I believe by receiving coaching from someone that gets you, you can learn to level up and receive the job satisfaction, recognition, and financial rewards you deserve. This coaching can be provided one on one or in group sessions.

In addition to certified High Performance Coaching, Heatherized provides programs I have developed to help business analytic professionals deliver solutions end users love. Programs like these:

  • Level Up and Make More Money
  • Business Analytics Roadmap
  • Destination Dashboard
  • Software Demonstration Skills
  • Negotiating Software

Are you where you want to be in your career? Do you make the money you deserve? Are you a respected team member in your organization? If you answered no to any of these questions, Heatherized coaching can help you!  Click HERE for more info!

If you don’t think you’re worth the investment, don’t make it.

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