What’s New in IBM Cognos Analytics Release 9?


On December 22, 2017, IBM made available release 9 for IBM Cognos Analytics.  Below is a breakdown of what's new in IBM Cognos Analytics Release 9!  If you are looking for what was new in release 8 or 7 click here. ​ Release 8 Blog


  • Latitude and Longitude Support for maps
  • Label Axis Orientation 
    • Ability to use horizontal, vertical stagger and rotate 45 degree.  You can also use the automatic setting to allow IBM Cognos Analytics to fit best.
  • Full Screen Mode
    • User can now expand the dashboard to fill the screen  for easier viewing.  To exit, simply hit esc.
  • Narrow Side Navigation Bar
    • In consumption mode, the default is the skinny bar thus providing better spacing on the screen,
IBM Cognos Analytics Release 9
IBM Cognos Analytics Release 9

IBM has updated the spreadsheet file which contains the boundaries types and complete list of polygon with names and aliases.  It can be found here. ​Map Support File​​​

Planning Analytics Integration:

  • Subsets in Planning Analytics now available in Cognos Analytics
    • Available in both dashboards and reporting
    • Must be Planning Analytics.  TM1 built cubes are not supported for subsets.
    • Subsets work like any other subset of data.
    • Filters of subsets in dashboard mode
    • Known issue in release 9 regarding drill down on subsets.  Slated for fix in release 10.

There is also a number of bug fixes and minor enhancements with release 9.   IBM has committed to proving a number of releases each year with some being major and some minor.  I would anticipate a major release sometime in the first part of 2018 adding in a number of items from the community wish list.  You can add items or vote on existing items by going here.  ​RFE Community​​​

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