Whats New in IBM Cognos Analytics Release 11


I have been asked many many times about portal pages in Cognos Analytics. It was a small but important feature in Cognos BI 10 that was not available in Cognos Analytics. Well, the wait is OVER! With IBM Cognos Analytics release 11, your old portal pages are now available!  All in all, this is a small release but includes some very popular requests from the user community. To add in your requests for enhancements click here.

IBM Cognos Analytics Release 11
IBM Cognos Analytics Release 11

New in IBM Cognos Analytics Release 11

  • Custom Shapes in Maps for Dashboards and Reports - you now have the ability to add in custom polygons through a map box integration.  Here is a link to a great blog from IBM that details the steps to create the custom shapes.  Custom polygon shapes blog
  • Portal Pages - you are now able to migrate your portal pages from Cognos 10.x  in the IBM Cognos Analytics Release 11. Click here for a great instructional blog from IBM.  
  • Increase Dashboard Performance - data caching is now available in the dashboard properties. This option is only available for framework packages as of now.  It is expected to be available for data models in a future release.  Check out this great blog on data caching for Cognos Analytics. 
  • Limit Modification of Report Details - In short, the portal visibility defines a set of rules that determine what content is available to the end users.  Now with IBM Cognos Analytics Release 11 the visibility rules are global and a restart of services is no longer needed. Here is a good read on this process in this IBM Blog - Portal Visibility Filter
What Does this Mean?

I've talked to a lot of you about portal pages and how that was a game stopper to upgrading to Cognos Analytics.  Now that they are available, it is the right time to upgrade.  Support for Cognos BI 10.2.2 expired in April of 2018.  If you are current on support this is a free upgrade plus any cost associated with a technical consultant completing the upgrade. In many cases, this can be completed in less than 40 hours and for less money than you are thinking.  Contact us at services@lodestarsolutions.com to get help with your upgrade.