Cognos Analytics & TM1 Users Attend the IBM Data and AI Forum

IBM Data and AI Forum
IBM Data and AI Forum
July 25, 2019

Are you a longtime IBM Cognos Analytics and/or Planning Analytics (TM1) customer?  Are you struggling to get traction with your BI and/or TM1 projects?  Maybe the executive team isn’t prioritizing analytics.  Or maybe they are pressuring you to switch to Power BI or another tool?  If this describes you, we are telling our Cognos Analytics & TM1 users to attend the IBM Data and AI Forum in October in Miami.

OCTOBER 21-24 Miami, Florida
IBM Data and AI Forum (formerly IBM Analytics University)

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What is IBM’s Data and AI Forum?  

Oops, IBM did it again, they renamed a conference and in doing so confused a lot of customers.  The IBM Data and AI Forum was called the IBM Analytics University last year.  It’s a conference that is focused on providing content for Cognos Analytics (BI), IBM Cognos Planning Analytics (TM1), SPSS, Optimization, IBM Watson Assistant, IBM Watson Studio, IBM Watson OpenScale, IBM Watson Knowledge catalog, IBM InfoSphere Information Server, or IBM Db2 clients.

So, if you are a Cognos BI or Cognos Planning Analytics TM1 client and felt overwhelmed by IBM Think last year you should check out this smaller focused event.  If I were an IBM Cognos BI or TM1 client and could only go to one event this would be it.

Who Should Attend and Why? 

Cognos Analytics (BI) Administrators or Power Users.

Attend the IBM Data and AI Forum to hear stories on how other BI clients are leveraging all the new functionality of Cognos Analytics and lessons they have learned.  You will be able to chat with experts on how to upgrade Cognos BI to the latest version in a phased approach. The first step is to identify what really needs to be upgraded to Cognos Analytics.

Imagine if you had a tool that could give you an inventory of all the old junk in your Cognos system, so you didn’t have to upgrade it? In Miami Lodestar team members will be happy to introduce you to the amazing new Motio functionality that provides an inventory of your Cognos BI system and helps you determine what needs to be upgraded.  The cool thing is, IBM and Motio have agreed to give clients some of the Motio tools for free for 30 days. Link to Motio details.  You must come to the IBM Data and AI forum to learn more.  Or contact us at

Cognos Planning Analytics (TM1) Administrators or Power Users.

Attend the IBM Data and AI Forum to learn how to update your models and use the new functionality in Cognos Analytics including hierarchies, Workspace, Planning Analytics for Excel (PAX) and more. If you are still on Cognos TM1 version 10 you must attend because your version of the software is going unsupported in September 2019. This event is a great place to go ask all your questions and to get your brain thinking about upgrading. For an idea of the questions you should be asking about TM1 and Cognos Planning Analytics I’ve shared some links to previous blogs you should check out.  

Blogs to Prepare for IBM's Data and AI Forum

This event has so much information you don’t want to miss it! 

Now that we have shared why Cognos Analytic BI and Planning Analytic (TM1) customers shouldn’t miss the IBM Data and AI Forum in October, let’s plan to meet up!  Lodestar Solutions would like to set a time to meet and discuss your specific challenges. If Lodestar Solutions can’t help you, we will find someone that can. Meetings with Lodestar can discuss upgrades, licensing, model design, functionality, resources… At Lodestar Solutions our goal is to make you hugely successful!  To set up a meeting at the IBM Data and AI Forum, or a call before email

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