What’s New in Planning Analytics Workspace 90

what’s new in planning analytics workspace 90
what’s new in planning analytics workspace 90
Written by Mike Bernaiche, September 22nd, 2023

Planning Analytics Workspace 90 was released on September 19, 2023, and there are several items in this update to talk about.  For those of you who went to IBM Tech Exchange in Las Vegas in early September, you heard that there is some amazing stuff coming to Planning Analytics soon.  Stay tuned to our blogs for some big announcements concerning Planning Analytics.  Now on to what’s new in Planning Analytics Workspace 90.

Learn Pane in Planning Analytics Workspace 90

AI-Generated Recommendations Available in Learn Pane - The Learn Pane now provides dynamic AI-generated recommendations as well as static recommendations.  When you interact with the content inside the Learn Pane, the recommendation engine makes daily updates based on what you and other users are viewing. For example, if you and other users use books and views more often, more content about books and views is generated in the Learn Pane.

Learn Pane in Planning Analytics 90

Books and Reporting in Planning Analytics Workspace 90

Set Synchronization Properties for Multiple Widgets Simultaneously – You can now set synchronization on multiple widgets at the same time.  Previously you could only do this one widget at a time.  Simply “ctrl-click” on the widgets and then under properties go to synchronization and choose the items you want to synchronize on.

Removed Ability to Use Delete Key to Remove Single Cell Widgets – You can no longer remove the delete key to remove single cell widgets.  You must now use the delete icon in the icon bar.  Also, a new property in a single cell widget called “Show as Cell”. This must be enabled to modify a single-cell widget.

Select a Member or Set by Typing its Name in an Exploration View – You can now search for a member by typing that info.  Simply click the 3 dots next to a dimension and select enter member.  Now type in that member name and your exploration will update with selection.

Select a Member or Set by Typing its Name in an Exploration View in PAW 90
Select a Member or Set by Typing its Name in an Exploration View in PAW 90

Insert Spacer Rows or Columns – you can now add spacers to your explorations to make the end-user experience better.

Insert Spacer Rows or Columns in PAW 90
Insert Spacer Rows or Columns in PAW 90

Replace Button Now Works on Current Selections in Set - The Replace button in the set editor now also works on the selections you make in the Current set pane. You can select members on both sides of the set editor, either the Available members or the Current set, and replace members in the view.

Modeling in Planning Analytics Workspace 90

Work with Database Logs in Modeling Workbench - You can now access a database's server log, transaction log, and audit log directly from the modeling workbench in Planning Analytics Workspace.

Work with Database Logs in Modeling Workbench in PAW 90

New Baseline Forecast Option - A baseline forecast is a new Planning Analytics Workspace asset that administrators and modelers can create and share with other users in your organization. Administrators, modelers, and analysts with the appropriate permissions can run the baseline forecast at any time and use the forecast to improve the planning process. Consumers cannot run baseline forecasts.

Baseline forecasts enhance the existing forecasting capabilities in Planning Analytics Workspace. You can still create and run ad-hoc forecasts on explorations in a book.

New Baseline Forecast Option in PAW 90
New Baseline Forecast Option in PAW 90
New Baseline Forecast Option in PAW 90

Administration in Planning Analytics Workspace 90

Simplified process to Rename Databases, Snapshots, and User Groups - A new Edit option on the Databases, Lifecycle Management, and Users and Groups pages simplifies the renaming process.

View Users Last Login - An enhancement in Planning Analytics Workspace 2.0.87 added the ability to view the last login for a user when you downloaded a user report from the Users and Groups page. You can now view the last login for a user directly in Planning Analytics Administration without downloading a report.

View Users Last Login in PAW 90


Planning Analytics Workspace 90 brings good enhancements to your Planning Analytics deployment.  We recommend staying current on the latest releases as many enhancements and bug fixes are included.  Reminder updates are cumulative so if you update to 90, you will get everything from prior releases.

To find fixes that have been included in updates please see this link.  

IBM put together a great list of everything added since Planning Analytics Workspace 58.  You can find this list here

To schedule an upgrade discussion please contact us at services@lodestarsolutions.com.

What’s New in Planning Analytics Workspace 86

Planning Analytics Workspace 86
Planning Analytics Workspace 86
Written by Mike Bernaiche, May 12th, 2023

On April 18, 2023, IBM released Planning Analytics Workspace 86.  Continuing with their monthly update schedule for Planning Analytics Workspace, this release has a few enhancements of note.  This is not a large update but does include a future change that deals with the cognitive learn pane you can read about below.

Books and Reporting

Synchronize same hierarchies across different databases - when you enable synchronization for the same hierarchy that is in two different databases, changes you make to the data in one widget is reflected in the synchronized widget.  To learn more about how to enable this synchronization please see this link

Disable select spread methods on Planning Analytics Workspace local - You can configure your Planning Analytics Workspace Local environment to disable any combination of the Repeat, Repeat leaves, Equal leaves, and Straight line data spreading methods.  To read more on how to disable select spread methods see this link

Plans and Applications

Duplicate Tasks and sections in Plans and Applications – you can now duplicate tasks and sections easily with a click of a button in Plans and Applications. 

plans and applications in paw 86

New look and usability enhancements in Plans and Applications overview – These include a new progress bar, advanced filtering, new tasks, and submission panel.

plans and applications view in paw 86
plans and applications view in paw 86


Git repository integration for Planning Analytics Database objects – In Planning Analytics Workspace 86, IBM added in Git repository integration.  You can now access a Git repository (GitHub, Microsoft Azure, or AWS CodeCommit) directly from Planning Analytics Workspace. You can use the Git repository to store Planning Analytics database objects such as cubes, dimensions, rules, and processes that are common across multiple models.  You can also use the repository to move database objects from one environment to another.  For example, you might want to copy database objects from a development environment to a production environment.

Git repository integration for Planning Analytics Database objects

Dimension editor search and locate in hierarchy - The dimension editor search function now includes a menu item called Locate.  Searching in the dimension editor acts as a filter to generate a list of members that match the search term.  After searching, right-click a member from the generated list and select Locate to remove the filters and locate the member in the hierarchy.

Hide databases in preferences – you can now hide databases from the database tree on the modeling workbench.

Change in Planning Analytics Workspace 87

The following change is being accounted with Planning Analytics Workspace 86 and will take effect in Planning Analytics Workspace 87. 

Update to configuration for the Cognitive Learn Pane - The cognitive Learn Pane in Planning Analytics Workspace Local will be hosted on a new domain in the near future.  This will require configuration changes to Planning Analytics Workspace Local installations to ensure continued access to documentation and other information through the Learn Pane.  This applies to Planning Analytics local only.  Full details will be provided when Planning Analytics Workspace 87 is released in the next few weeks.


As I mentioned above, this is not a large release but does include some nice enchantments for some.  To read in more detail please see this article from IBM.  

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What’s New in Planning Analytics Workspace Version 67 and 68

What’s new in Planning Analytics Workspace Version 67 and 68
What’s new in Planning Analytics Workspace Version 67 and 68
Written by Mike Bernaiche, October 21st 2021

Over the last couple of months, IBM has released 2 updates to Planning Analytics Workspace, version 67 and 68.  I will detail the new features in each below.  IBM releases an update to Planning Analytics Workspace about once a month.  In this blog, I will detail everything new in version 67 and 68 for workspace.  However, Planning Analytics is now on version 2.09.10, released in Sept 2021 and Planning Analytics for Excel 2.0.67, released in July 2021.  I highly suggest upgrading to the latest version of each component.

Planning Analytics Workspace – Version 67

Updates to Planning Analytics Workspace version 67 include:

Checkboxes in Grid View

  •  You can see below that in grid view each item has a check box that once selected gives you different options including open and delete.
Checkboxes in Grid View
Checkboxes in Grid View2

Pin Widgets while in Consumption Mode

  •  You now have the ability to pin a widget without having to be in edit mode.  You do need to set the option in dashboard properties to allow pin widgets in consumption mode.  You will only do this if you want to allow end users to pin widgets.

Assign a Step or Action to Everyone in Plans

  •  Until now, you had to assign individual user groups to a step in a plan or to a section in an application. You can now assign a step or a section to everyone, allowing all users in your environment access to a step or section.

Planning Analytics Workspace – Version 68

Updates to Planning Analytics Workspace version 68 include:

Use Decision Optimization with Planning Analytics Workspace version 68.  (Cloud Only)

  • You can now use Decision Optimization (IBM® ILOG® CPLEX®) with IBM Planning Analytics Workspace on Cloud to deliver prescriptive analytics capabilities to help you make better decisions and deliver improved business outcomes.
  • With the Cloud Pak for Data Platform integration configured, and the required services IDs and views in place, analysts can easily view and run optimization jobs within the configured deployment space right from Planning Analytics Workspace. Additionally, they can configure action buttons to run any of the jobs of a deployment space, allowing any Planning Analytics Workspace user to run optimization jobs.
  • Administrators, analysts, and modelers can access optimization jobs from the new Watson AI jobs tab on a book.

Analysts and Modelers Can Now Create Plans

  • Analysts and modelers, not only administrators, can now create and manage applications and plans. The plan or application creator is automatically given full control over the asset.

Dashboard Grid Size Enhancements

  • You can now use a template to display widgets in books and websheets in a tabbed page or single page.  In previous versions of IBM® Planning Analytics Workspace, a hardcoded template with a single widget was used.  When you save a view by using the Save view as option, you can select a template.

For more information on Planning Analytics see the below resources:


Enhancements and updates to Planning Analytics Workspace continue to be released monthly.  It continues to improve an already great product.  Give IBM credit for continuing to improve Workspace.  Planning Analytics can be such a useful tool in transformational planning.  Heather Cole recently wrote two great blogs on transformational planning.  Those can be found here.

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