New Tool for Importing Cognos Planning into TM1

Are you using Cognos Enterprise Planning and looking to move to IBM Cognos Performance Management/TM1?  There is a new tool for importing Cognos Planning into TM1 as part of your migration.

You might want to check out the new IBM Planning Import capabilities of TM1 10.2.  Both Express and Enterprise versions of TM1 have the import tool.  The tool allows you to leverage components of your Planning models and bring them into TM1 as starting blocks.  Please note that it does not pull your entire model in and you will need to redesign components of your model.  Look at the migration like you are moving into a new house.  When you move, some of your furniture won’t fit.  The rugs may be the wrong color and that old recliner from college should be thrown out.  Well, the same is true for your models.

importing Cognos Planning into TM1

Here’s how the import works:

  • Generate Cognos Planning Contributor .XML application definition of the model from Planning
  • Import converts the XML output from Cognos Planning into a folder of .json type files
  • Import .json files into Cognos TM1 Performance Modeler, with the Action > Import Cognos Planning model option
  • Creates dimensions, cubes, and links

There's definitely going to be some redesign work so don’t think it’s an easy button, but it should help! Remember you must be on 10.2 or higher of TM1 to have the import functionality. 

For more information on planning your upgrade and the licenses you will need, contact Lodestar Solutions 813-254-2040.