Surrounding Yourself for Success! – Part 2

Surrounding Yourself for Success Part 2
Surrounding Yourself for Success Part 2
Written by Heather L. Cole, December 8th 2022

Are you ready to achieve your goals?  Are you ready to get promoted, make more money, or get your dream job?  If so, there is one step you can take that will help you get what you want faster!  It’s SURROUNDING YOURSELF FOR SUCCESS!

Last week I introduced you to the circle of success.  We shared the four categories of people I surround myself with that have provided the encouragement, accountability, and inspiration to help me succeed.

The categories are Leadership/Mentors, Team/Co-Workers, Growth/Learning, and Friends/Family.  Last week we covered Leadership/Mentors and Team/Co-Workers.  Here’s a link to Surrounding Yourself for Success! – Part 1.

It’s important to note that all of these categories are important.  If you are significantly lacking in one, it could slow down your success.

But I also want to challenge you to do a little reflection on your situation.  Are you surrounding yourself with the right people… Is it time to level up?

Surround success

My Story

Have you ever set a New Year’s resolution and maybe for a week or so you take the necessary steps, but then you slip.  Tomorrow you will get back to it.  Then you say Monday I’ll do it.  And before you know it, it’s June.  It’s so easy to go through our daily routine and wonder where all the time went.  

We all have done it.  But research shows that when you tell others about your goal, and you have someone who holds you accountable you are more likely to accomplish your goal. 

The challenge for many people is finding the courage to tell others about their BOLD Goals.  And then finding someone that will hold you accountable for doing the work it will take to accomplish those goals is even more difficult. 

For years I feared telling my friends and family what I wanted in life.  I felt alone on my own fantasy island.  But then on the encouragement of a long distant friend, I attended a Tony Robbins summit in San Jose.  As I walked into the enormous convention center the music was pounding, people were dancing and I thought, “What did I get myself into?”  I was way out of my comfort zone.  But as the event started and Tony bounded onto stage with his massive frame and energy, he explained that if we ever felt alone in having big goals, if our friends and family thought we were a little off, that we were in the right place.  The room of 5,000 people were all people like me!  Crazy goals, big visions and wanting to make the world a better place! 

What I learned is that no matter what your goal, or vision is, there are conferences and events focused on your topic and at those conferences are people even crazier than you.  If you surround yourself with people that also have lofty goals, magic can happen. 


The fourth category in the circle of success is surrounding yourself with people that help you grow and learn.  People that respectfully challenge your thoughts, and then add new ideas. 

This week I am in Huntington Beach, CA at a Coaching Summit.  The reason I am here is I needed a boost.  I needed to totally immerse myself in a room of positive, and inspirational people.  I need to learn new ideas in the coaching industry and meet new friends.  I know that when I attend summits like this it’s like a power pelt, I gain clarity, new ideas and meet people that will hold me accountable.  If you have been able to find people that help you grow and think differently in your hometown, fabulous.  I have never been that lucky.  But when I commit the time, and travel to remote locations that I know will have people that want to learn and grow, it’s game changing.   Some of my best friends I have met at conferences and masterminds around the world.   Heck, I even met my husband at a conference.

Heather and Gary

My success measure for a conference is to learn 3 new things and meet 3 new people I will keep in touch with. 

Putting yourself in environments where you are surrounded by people with knowledge and experiences that are different than yours provides new ideas, and perspectives.  Often these people are instrumental in learning new approaches to challenges, or they open doors you didn’t know exist. 

What is on your learning list?  What conferences are you going to?  What groups are you involved with. 

Do you need a little boost?  Ready to learn new things?  According to this Forbes article, lifelong learning is a key to thriving. (Embrace Lifelong Learning to Thrive in The Future Of Work)

Imagine attending an event to learn and meeting a learning buddy?  So do it today, join a new trade associate, user group or register for a conference.  Now that we are returning to in person, I recommend going and being physically present and put yourself out there.   

You might want to check out this blog, 14 Steps to Take to Build a Strong Professional Network.

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Who Are Your Cheerleaders

Take a minute and think about one family member or friend that encourages you and is a positive force in your world.  Do they know your BOLD Goals?  Do they hold you accountable for showing up everyday to take one small step toward your goal?  Maybe you don’t have a family or friend that cheers you on. That’s okay most people don’t. 

As I mentioned earlier for years, I didn’t have the family and friend relationships that I felt comfortable sharing my goals with.  I felt alone on my island.  I even have family members that mock and joke about “Heather’s personal development”.  The more they mocked me, the more I pulled away. 

Have you ever noticed the people that don’t support your goals are always the ones who say you are “so lucky” when you accomplish them.  Hmmm.

Toxic friends and family are easy to find.  But when you find cheerleader friends, MAGIC HAPPENS!

Family/Friends -

The fourth and final category of the circle of success is your family and friends and here’s a reality check. 


Yes, that’s the brutal truth.  We have friends that are toxic and holding us back.  It’s time to find new friends.  I am not saying you have to completely disassociate with your toxic high school friend you have known for 35 years, just find new ones and spend more time with the positive ones.  Here’s an interesting blog on Frenemies.

The Five People

Chris & I met at a Conference years ago and talk every Tuesday!

Jess, one of my closest friends that I met at a conference in Spain.

Try this exercise, list the five people you spend the most time with.  Now score them 0-10 on how encouraging and supportive they are.  Are they helping you grow?  What’s the average? 

Motivational speaker Jim Rohn says that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.  Do you need some new friends?  A great way to level up your friend group is to do what I did.  Attend conferences, user groups, summits, or join a mastermind.  It can be game changing.  Heck I even created a virtual book club and invited random associates.  It was a great way to get to know them better. 

In Conclusion

The way to achieve your bold goals faster is to surround yourself for success.  If you would like to learn more how about the summits, conferences and events I have found most beneficial, email me at