Why Did They Add Cognos Scorecarding to TM1?


​Why Did They Add Cognos Scorecarding to TM1?

IBM Cognos Metric Studio has been part of the IBM Cognos BI solutions for a long time. It displayed data in pretty scorecards and visual diagrams. IBM Scorecards help organizations define their objectives and track execution with measurable performance metrics. As a business analytics coach, I only had a few clients that deployed it. The reason a lot of clients refrained from using IBM Cognos Metric Studio was that it didn’t do the calculations. It required the data to be pre-calculated and complete. Well, IBM has made great strides to improve their Cognos Scorecarding by leveraging IBM Cognos Performance Management, known as TM1.

3 Key Benefits of TM1 Cognos Scorecarding over IBM Cognos Metric Studio

  • Powerful Calculation Engine – TM1’s 64 bit in memory handles even the most complex calculations. Let’s face it… the measures we want to track might not be in our subsystems but are a result of multiple step calculations.
  • Write Back Capability - TM1 has write back capabilities to help you collect and track data points that might not be in other subsystems today.
  • Multiple Presentation Options – TM1 Scorecards can be presented in Cognos Workspace, Cognos Insight, and Cognos TM1 Web. This provides that ability to combine your scorecard with your other dashboard items.
Cognos Scorecarding

Cognos TM1 Modelers:

If you are a current Cognos Performance Management/TM1 Modeler, you most likely have access to build TM1 Scorecards today! See Blog on licensing of TM1 Scorecarding: https://lodestarsolutions.com/lodestar/?p=2866

You just need to be trained. We offer a 2 day IBM TM1 Scorecard training class both virtual and on-site. Email Services@LodestarSolutions.com for information on our current TM1 Scorecard training schedule.

Metric Studio Designers:

If you are Metric Studio users, you really should take a look at TM1’s Scorecarding functionality. IBM’s current recommended Scorecarding tool for new clients is TM1, so Lodestar Solutions questions the future longevity of Metric Studio, although no sunset date has been announced. Lodestar recommends you consider migrating to TM1. Check out this Video from Lodestar's User Group on IBM Scorecards and Metrics in Cognos TM1. If you would like to set up a time to discuss your current situation, email Sales@LodestarSolutions.com.