Incorporate TM1 Naming Conventions in Your Model Build

TM1 is great for organizing your planning models and   Make the most of this and incorporate  TM1 Naming Conventions for your dimensions, views and TI processes.  This makes building, maintenance and training much easier in the long run, especially when you have more than one Admin.  Design a simple blueprint of your naming convention at the beginning of your implementation and keep it in your application folder for quick reference.  Another tip is to use the underscore in lieu of a space in titles, whether it be your cubes, dimensions or the title row of your data import.  For example, when creating a dimension using TI, I prefer that the variable name to show up as “Element_Name”, instead of “v1” if the underscore is not used, as would be the case if the column title was “Element Name” vs “Element_Name”.

Some other naming convention ideas:

M_Calculating_Dimension_Name: using the M_  prefix keeps the calculated dimensions in order and reminds you that this should be the last dimension used in cube building.
C_View_Name: C_  indicates this view is being used in your Contributor application
B_View_Name: B_  indicates this is used for board reports
123_Subset_Name: indicates specific to department 123
M_TI_Process_Name: indicates this would be run Monthly
D_TI_Process_Name: indicates this would be run Daily

Then organize these in your Application folders to increase efficiency and accuracy with regards to maintenance.

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