Hated “Buzzwords” Rant of Summer

Hated “Buzzwords” Rant of Summer

Just wanted to take a break from the typical blogs with a brief list of disliked buzzwords.

User-Experience:  I always thought that experience meant you learned something beneficial and got better at a skill.  This seems to be way over-used.  I mean, addicts could write libraries on this.

User-Friendly:  Again – addicts.  Can I rig the water dispenser on the fridge door to have the perfect mix of vodka and lemonade?  Now THAT would be user-fridgely!!!

Take it to the Next Level:  Why would we dig lower???  Our parents drilled it into our heads that being a ditch digger doesn’t pay, unless of course you are in the Operating Engineers Union.  It’s your job to do better and improve the process, earn your pay.

New Normal:  Means you watched too much TV.  When was life ever normal?  You may strive for it, but don’t family gatherings remind you that it is never achievable?

Do More with Less:  You got that for all of this week.  After that, say it in your head repeatedly and see if it finally strikes you as improbable for the long term.

In essence, these terms can have meaning if you actually use them appropriately.  Here is how to do it right:

User-Experience: Training > Feedback > Improvement > Better Product > Training > Etc…

User-Friendly: Again, Training > Feedback > Improvement > Better Product > Training > Etc…

Take it to the Next Level:  Are you getting the data?  Don’t stifle creativity because you want to see it in blue and the admins gave it to you in gray.  More companies stifle the productivity of their analysts due to formatting than actual analysis requirements.

Take it to the Next Level: Visualize it, mean it, guide it, and communicate it.  Don’t leave it up to the imagination if you have an idea.

New Normal:  Don’t ever repeat that again. Enough said.

Do More with Less:  You get what you paid for… less is more if the jewelry is expensive and the…oh, I won’t go into the rest of the analogies…   :o)